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5 Responses to “Internet Enlightenment”

  1. constantnormal says:

    … this humble grasshoper bows before the Master …

    But Master, I have just one question …

    You’re teaching them with cartoon koans? How the hell are they supposed to learn from THAT?

  2. Greg0658 says:

    onT offT
    last nite our system of cableTV / wwwInternet (yes phone too) (for1baskets)
    went dark to QAM tuner TVs – descrambler boxes for all
    nielsen and? every room in your home

    anyone know of a good work around (besides get more descrams) – say like an AV wifi encoder/decoder sys?

    besides what we call entertainment in the modern day – you can’t even have a tv in every room of the home anymore – and a video wall just like the big studios

    ps – whats a tuner cost to install in sets – not needed in cable sys lands – just channel 3or4 (savings or monkey biz)

  3. TraderJoe says:

    There is always a mouseover text on Xkcd. This one says: “But the rules of writing are like magic spells. If you never acquire them, then not using them says nothing.”

    I’m still trying to parse that one.

  4. Onemoretime says:

    Problem solved. Thanks.