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5 Responses to “Is Self Regulation A Dinosaur on Wall Street?”

  1. chartist says:

    Psychopaths don’t have the capacity for self regulation.

  2. Herman Frank says:

    “Self-regulation” is not a dinosaur, because then in a far-away time and place it would have existed. We would still be able to dig out the bones of the beast here and there. Make a plausible story how it got stuck in the quagmire, a tar pit, or it’s bones discarded in the back of a cave.

    But no! It’s nothing but “a mirage”, “a smoke-and-mirrors act of make-believe” by a tribe of cannibals who feast on gullible passers-by. Come hither and sit down with me, rest your weary befuddled brain and let me tell you stories of riches! “I see that you are worn down by carrying that heavy purse of yours! Do let me carry it for you! It will make your load so much lighter!”

    And so it came about that the travelers were skinned, fleeced, gauged, and cooked in the cauldron of the soup called “self-regulation”.

  3. 873450 says:

    According to Kaplan’s spin, a more proper regulatory role for FINRA should be providing guidance and setting examples promoting good behavior on Wall Street. Perhaps Instead of levying uncollectible $1 million fines punishing dishonest bankers, FINRA should pay $1 million bonuses rewarding honest bankers. Still, even in that fairy tale incentivized environment more profit always lies in theft.

    It was self regulation that nearly rendered Wall Street extinct. If not for the massive, unprecedented, antithetical socialist intervention currently maintaining TBTF on life support, our corrupt banking system would have shared the fate of Stearnsactadyl Lehmanaurous, a dinosaur that no longer exists.

    Climate change deniers should pay Kaplan whatever billing rate he charges to turn science and common sense upside down until the earth is radiated beyond habitability.

  4. constantnormal says:

    … it’s not just Wall Street — every corporation, every body of people (which is why democracies, along with every other form of government, are unstable) lacks the ability to self-regulate.  

    It is practically impossible for individuals to self-regulate (which is why we have societies and laws, and enforcement agencies, all of which are also prone to failures to self-regulate).  

    Checks and balances were the most sophisticated idea yet arrived at in the establishment of stable regulatory mechanisms … but it was only a good start.

  5. [...] However saying that is as likely to be as effective as telling Wall Street that it needs to regulate itself better (when identifying legal loopholes to exploit vs. creating value are part of its modus operandi) or [...]