Charts like this make me want to Sell Japan and Buy Gold — at least for a quarter or so.


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Source: Josh Brown

Category: Contrary Indicators, Technical Analysis, Trading

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10 Responses to “Japan versus Gold?”

  1. pensionretirement says:

    Barry, can I ask you why you say that you want to go long Japan & short Gold? Is it a mean reversion play, some type of anti-moemetum, that they are uncorrelated assets, or is it two uncorrelated assets that you’re making a directional bet on? None of these or a combination?

    I’m asking because depending on the answer and the underlying thoughts, one could come up with contradictory positions based on the same chart.


  2. barbacoa666 says:

    I am partially onboard. I re-purchased the Nikkei last week via an ETF, and a particularly volatile gold stock on Friday. While the Nikkei is up, BOJ policy seems to favor further increases. Also, the Nikkei appears to have pierced one long-term downtrend line, and is approaching another.

    The gold stock is just a play on the bounce. I sold some Monday. While gold has been down sharply, it is still over-valued relative to other assets.

  3. chartist says:

    you are spot on…The daily MACD chart shows a divergence with the GLD price…..And by the way, Ford Motor remains a top selection, just sayin.

  4. pensionretirement says:

    The why is confusing me. Your call was quite clear. Sell EWJ @ 11.45 and Buy GLD @120.74 for 3 months. I was inquiring if there was more to this than you wrote as you usually have well-thought out and analytical rational for your ideas. [Compliment!]

    If the entire basis of your call is look at this 6m performance chart and do the opposite, well I can get that type of top-notch planning on CNBC [Not a compliment]

    • None of the above. Its an interesting chart, and I said it made me WANT TO buy this/sell that.

      Dont read too much into it — its just a pre-holiday graphic!

  5. Ásh Davé says:

    I think Selling Nikkei225 & Buying Gold can be really good trades. I am expecting USDJPY to reverse from 101.50 level, which makes Nikkei225 a good sell. Crude oil popping up above $100 is surely gonna hurt US$, making XAU a buy.

  6. leopardtrader says:

    No price is too low to stop selling; no price is too high to stop buying (JL). Josh analysis looks elementary and illogical to me