Its not my favorite car, but it does look like its a pretty badass drifter!


Source: YouTube

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6 Responses to “First Drive: New Porsche 991 GT3”

  1. MayorQuimby says:

    I never liked that body styling. Really, I have no idea why.

  2. Livermore Shimervore says:

    It just put up near race car times at Goodwood Festival of Speed. But its still an automatic Porsche with paddles designed so well that they fool you into thinking youre actally shifting the gears. And if you blow up the engine at the track, the habitat it was made to endure, Porsche will ask if you will be paying cash or credit for the $60k replacement engine.

  3. clay says:

    I’ve configured mine, now where to find that $140K. With 9000 rpm on tap, I think I can do w/o the upgraded sound package.

    • Livermore Shimervore says:

      best to save up. The GT3 991 is a far, far better value than the regular 991 street version. Carreras are very profitable builds for Porsche until you start actually adding things that make it track worthy. It’s long been rumored that it costs Porsche more to build a Boxster than it does to make the non-GT3/Turbo Carrera variants. It’s kinda like Rolex, big margins thanks to buyers chasing the exclusivity thing… Except that the market is currently inundated in second hand Porsches all dropping in value so exclusivity is only in their heads. The exception being these GT3′s, they are the only new Porsches to hold value. The worst depreciation is from the Carrera Turbos, they stopped getting the GT3 engines in 2009.