I don’t why this trip to Canada is casing me such problems, but I keep running into difficulties:

• iPhone won’t dial out. Sometimes after 30 seconds I can make a connection. Most of the time, nada.

• Word Press wont let me access back end of blog. It might be WiFi related — wouldn’t work on plane or in hotel wifi but hotel land line was fine.

Now I have to through 240 comments that ended up in the filter. Bleah.

Back soon, technology gods permitting.



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8 Responses to “Tech Headaches”

  1. Willy2 says:

    - Sounds familiar. Technology is fine & awsome but it has to function. When it doesn’t work technology “sucks”. CD player, WiFi, computer, etc.
    - I can come up with one explanation for this. I know that in British Columbia they’re installing more and more socalled “Smart Meters”. It’s a wireless device that measures electricity consumption and sends the data through a RF transmitter to the utility provider. It saves money for the company because then they don’t need to send persons to check the meters. But people in BC are complaining because the system is fraught with problems. The most common heard complaint is that electricity bills are (way) too high. Do ask your canadian hosts about it and see how they respond.
    It’s a very likely that these wireless devices interfere with your iPhone and other wireless internet connections.

  2. Tim says:

    Speaking of Canadian (and American) electricity generation……would it ever be possible/a good idea to harness the immense power of Niagara Falls for electricity? Seems like it could be done without ruining the scenic view….right?

  3. DeDude says:

    240 – That is a lot of comments in the filter. From the number actually published here my guess is that only about 1 in 10 is acceptable. I now have a much better understanding of why you consider comments to be a substantial burden. You have an outstanding comment section on your blog, but that is a lot of work.

  4. zell says:

    Revenge of the 90%. Be careful out there!

  5. Hedgy says:

    It’s the Canadian Infrastructure :-)

  6. ckg says:

    For Tim —
    As one who has spent most of his life out west, finally got to Niagara this year. Turns out power generation there has been going there on since 1896. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_Moses_Niagara_Hydroelectric_Power_Station
    and the Canadian side has

    Come on back Barry, before the stock gods realize you’ve taken a trip and tank the market!