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4 Responses to “World GDP”

  1. ancientone says:

    Wow. Idiotic austerity at work.

  2. b_thunder says:

    Given *this* GDP “growth” and with ECB, BoE, SNB and BoJ (not to mention the new, more “growth-minded” head of Russian CB) printing and/or declaring intentions to keep rates at zero indefinitely (and already causing the USD to materially appreciate…) With that in mind, does anyone still believe that the Fed can afford to fall any further behind in the currency debasement competition?
    What do you think the Q3 earnings from IBM, Intel, Oracle and whoever sells “stuff” abroad will look like?
    And with stubborn 2.7% 10yr yield and spring/summer home selling season all but over, imagine what the residential RE sales will look like?

    Taper-schmeiper, the Fed has no choice but to keep. And if they don’t, the Japanese “lost decades” will seem to us as economic performance we can only dream about.

  3. gregory barton says:

    No apparent trend with the total (orange line) for the duration of the chart. It appears to be a range with a blip in 2008/9. However, the trend for the rich countries is down since 2000, with lower highs in 2003 and 2010.

  4. This truly is a silly chart. The smoothing is so ferocious that China remains the only G-20 member using this archaic methodology. We understand the USA contracted 8.9% in the Great Recession and is 1.8% today, but by this graph the figures would be halved…