My morning reading:

• Smart money: Stocks headed higher (MSN Money) but see How the Fed could cause another 1987 crash (MarketWatch)
7 hilarious fun-filled years too late!  Moody’s Threatens to Cut Credit Ratings of Banks (DealBook)
• The economy’s slow but steady growth is terrible news for the doom-mongers (Telegraph) but see Consumers Skip Dining for Cars as Sales Slow (Bloomberg)
• The Pentagon as Silicon Valley’s Incubator (NYT)
• Fed Burned Once Over Taper Now Twice Shy on QE3 (Bloomberg) see also The Amazing Confusion in Economic Policy Debates (Project Syndicate)
• On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs (Strike Magazine)
• 30 year fixed rate mortgages are awesome (Noahpinion) see also How Not to Get Screwed on Your Mortgage (Crossing Wall Street)
• Looking Into The Future With A Rear-View Mirror (Capital Spectator)
• 10 reasons you don’t want to live in China (msn money) see also China’s American Bailout? (Project Syndicate)
Don’t send your kids off to college without these 50 Best ever College Life Hacks (Thought Catalog)

What are you reading?


Nasdaq in Fresh Market Failure
Source: WSJ

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10 Responses to “10 Friday AM Reads”

  1. Low Budget Dave says:

    What happened to the weekend reading list? I was working my way through a few of the more fun items, and it disappeared. Those were some excellent recommendations, by the way.


    BR: Premature ePublication.

    Saturday! That was there becauase I forgot how to add 7 to 14 . . . (8/14)

  2. VennData says:

    Ballmer leaves Microshit


    MSFT: 34.54 +2.15 (+6.64%) : Microsoft Corporation – Yahoo! Finance


    Adding value to the very end.

  3. RW says:

    The failure of this administration to attack financial fraud by major players has graduated from a burr under the saddle to a large, seeping chancre sore.

    Senator E. Warren’s letter to AG Holder

    Shorter version: The ineffectual conduct of DOJ needs explaining and we’ll start with this grossly inadequate settlement WRT the multiple, multi-billion dollar frauds committed against FHA and the people of the USA by Bank America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Ally Financial.

  4. Slash says:

    RE 7 hilarious fun-filled years too late! Moody’s Threatens to Cut Credit Ratings of Banks

    LOL. In other news, Cunard is disciplining the crew of the Titanic for its subpar performance and residents of New Orleans are being warned by emergency management authorities that a hurricane could cause serious flooding in the city.

  5. S Brennan says:

    Well, how TERRIBLY CONVENIENT…huh?

    “Syrian rebels are sharing numerous videos that they claim proves the use of chemical weapons…The series of bombings began just 48 hours after a team of 10 United Nations observers arrived in Damascus. [This] after several months of negotiations with the Syrian government…observers were allowed into the country to inspect whether or not chemical weapons were being used.”

    So the Syrian government invites a team of 10 United Nations chemical weapons observers and after a just enough time for them to get their gear set up starts attacking rebels with chemical weapons.

    Now who in their right mind would believe this tragic farce? So bad in fact, it reminds of these guys :

    “On the night of August 31, 1939, Nazis selected a concentration camps prisoner, dressed him in a Polish uniform, took him to the Polish /German border and then shot him. The staged scene was supposed to appear as a Polish attack against a German radio station. Hitler used the staged attack as the excuse to invade Poland.”

  6. Robert M says:

    The numbers on the immigration debate become more interesting when you look at whom is receiving them

  7. Willy2 says:

    “Consumers skip Dinner for car sales”

    I think it’s the result of higher unemployment. As un-employment continues to rise, the amount of families, in which both husband & wife work, declines. That means that people have more time to prepare meals at home. And therefore reduce the amount of times families spend at dining out.

    And since the average age of cars in the US is the highest in many years, this “dining out less” helps to pay for buying new and/or used cars.