My morning reading:

• Oil Surges on Syria Tension (WSJ)
• Betting on September’s terrible odds (MarketWatch) but see and then European stocks began to crush the S&P (The Reformed Broker)
• 46% of Americans have both a home broadband connection and a smartphone (Pew Internet)
Gary Shilling gets all optimistic on us: Six Reasons the U.S. Will Dominate (Bloomberg)
• Facebook: Governments demanded data on 38K users (SFGate)
• Wherefore Bribery and Corruption: Another GSK Post (China Hearsay) see also Rule One For Doing Business In China. No Bribery. Rule Two, Make Sure Of It. (China Law Blog)
Goddammit: Get Ready for Larry Summers as Next Fed Chair (Sense on Cents)
• Homeownership remains a goal that should be encouraged (Los Angeles Times) see also Mortgage Consultant Paid More Than $900 Million in Foreclosure Review (Moenybeat)
• Robert Crumb Illustrates Philip K. Dick’s Infamous, Hallucinatory Meeting with God (1974) (Open Culture)
• Time-shifting man predicts the future (ABC Science)

What are you reading?


U.S. Has Assets in Place for Military Strike
Source: Bloomberg

Category: Financial Press

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10 Responses to “10 Mid-Week AM Reads”

  1. MayorQuimby says:

    I love the misuse of the term “home-owner”. We all know what they really mean.

  2. swag says:

    There Are Multiple Answers to the Question of Why the Universe Exists

  3. krice2001 says:

    Gary Shilling’s optimism about the U.S. economic future includes this, “Labor Flexibility: In the U.S., labor unions are becoming a thing of the past, especially in the private sector, and increasingly, among state and local employees. Partly as a result, U.S. wages are flexible on the down side. Surveys show that of the people out of work for six months who find new jobs, a third work for less money than previously.

    I guess once again, I fail to be optimistic about a model that continues to see downward pressure on wages in the U.S. as a really positive attribute. Maybe I’m out of step…

  4. willid3 says:

    little noticed story of how we got the most efficient and modern military for WW2, when we had a very week economy. and it was all paid for by the federal government. and it built the armed services and employed all the labor in the US. and even after the war was over, the US had one of best economies ever. so how did we got from building the US economy and military, with a barely functioning economy to where were are today, where we cant seem to accomplish much at all any any more?

    maybe it was the ‘greatest’ generation. or maybe its just how weak all the current leaders are. all 546 of them

  5. Molesworth says:

    Can we impeach Obama if he appoints Larry Summers? Would that not be a high crime?

  6. DeDude says:

    At least it is not just me experiencing that the New York Times website is down