My morning reading:

• U.S. Stocks Beat BRICs by Most Ever Amid Market Flight (Bloomberg) see also Stock Break From Herd (WSJ)
• Weighing the Week Ahead: Will rising interest rates kill the stock rally? (A Dash of Insight)
Herb Greenberg’s return to  Risk Is Not a Four-Letter Word (
• Icahn, Ackman & Soros meet up on twitter Hilarity ensues (Jeff Matthews is Not Making This Up) see also Icahn’s $20 Billion Tweet: The Future of Stock Talk (Fiscal Times)
• Home ownership: how the property dream turned into a nightmare (The Guardian)
• Moral hazard, the Chinese way (FT Alphaville) see also China Trading Error Reduces Investor Confidence in Stocks (Bloomberg)
• Housing Expansion May Be Getting Scaled Back (Real Time Economics)
• What to read on Egypt (post-massacre edition) (Shashank Joshi)
• America Has Had More Austerity Than You Ever Would Have Imagined (Business Insider)
• The Art of Looking: What 11 Experts Teach Us about Seeing Our Familiar City Block with New Eyes (Brain Pickings)

What are you reading?


Euro-Zone Debt Gains Appeal
Source: WSJ

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6 Responses to “10 Monday AM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    Pay money managers more and your returns will be higher.

    “… Wisconsin has been able to make changes because the Legislature voted to let the investment board pay higher salaries than other state agencies, including Wall Street-like bonuses. Oregon’s public pension fund has recently pushed for legislation that would allow it to do something similar…”

    The GOP ignores the data. So what else is new?

    ROFL.  Paying these clowns more will still not help you beat an index fund.  Voting has consequences, GOP governor Scott Walker will have another fine feather in his cap when Wisconsin’s pensions underperform over the long haul.

    But hey, why pay attention to science and the academic studies when you’re Wall Street buddies are whispering in your ear

  2. Willy2 says:

    6 Month T-bill rates in India have spiked to over 11%.

  3. RW says:

    The uselessly cruel stupidity of sesquestration marches on: Rarely has the legislative branch served our country so poorly and the economic costs are not only extreme but baked into the longer-term.

    Sequester Watch, #18″>

    Friends, colleagues, opponents, anyone who’s listening: it is neither Head Start, nor NIH, nor low-income housing that are driving our deficits, which, btw, are falling quickly–I’d say too quickly–in the near term anyway. Yet the conventional wisdom is that when we hit the end of the fiscal year at the end of next month, the sequester will be built into whatever patch Congress and the White House agree upon to avoid a shutdown.

    It’s like the worst aspects of group-think multiplied by $1.2 trillion.

  4. Onemoretime says:

    Hey BR I’m getting a 404 on:

    Weighing the Week Ahead: Will rising interest rates kill the stock rally? (A Dash of Insight)