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10 Monday AM Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On August 26, 2013 @ 9:45 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Good Monday morning — here’s what’s got me  clackalacking:

• In post-crisis penalties, Morgan Stanley stands alone (Fortune [1])
• Nasdaq Focuses on Pivotal 2 Minutes in Trading Halt (WSJ [2]) see also In Markets’ Tuned-Up Machinery, Stubborn Ghosts Remain (DealBook [3])
• Religion and Monetary Policy: Is There a Difference? (Noahpinion [4])
• Rapid U.S. Growth Is Missing, Not Gone Forever (Bloomberg [5]) see also Silicon Valley can’t save America’s dying economy (MarketWatch [6])
• The Psychology of Bidding on The Price is Right (Psychology Today [7])
• What is shadow banking? (Vox [8]) see also Banks and macroeconomic models (Interfluidity [9])
• No Henry, you need to get real about Yahoo. Here are the facts (Gigaom [10])
• Here’s what Steve Ballmer didn’t get about the tablet revolution (The Switch [11]) see also Steve Ballmer and The Innovator’s Curse (Asymco [12])
• As Amazon Stretches, Seattle’s Downtown Is Reshaped (NYT [13])
• Roger Federer’s Open Question (WSJ [14]) see also Federer Betrayed by Serve in Bid to Match Agassi as Champ at 32 (Bloomberg [15])

What are you reading?


Ballmer’s Legacy: $350 Billion In Value Subtracted
Graphic [16]
Source: Zero Hedge [17]

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