My afternoon train reading:

• Have more sex, make more money (MarketWatch)
• Public Funds Take Control of Assets, Dodging Wall Street (DealBook) see also Investors euphoric as US margin debt reaches ‘danger’ levels (Telegraph)
• Profiteering: Crisis Has Saved Germany 40 Billion Euros (Spiegel Online)
• Test for Federal Reserve’s Next Chief: Quelling Dissent (WSJ) see also Fed Chairman Debate Pits Insider Against Outsider (Bloomberg)
• Bond King Bill Gross meditates … do you? (MarketWatch)
• Theft Charges Reverberate in Connecticut Art World (NYT)
• Inside Printerbot: One of the rising, inexpensive 3D printer manufacturers (arstechnica) see also Why basic 3D printers are crazy cheap now (arstechnica)
• Everyone knows politicians lie. Why don’t reporters say so? (Yahoo)
• Where Apple and Samsung get their customers (Fortune) see also Samsung, Sony Said to Plan Device Debuts Ahead of iPhone (Bloomberg)
• Ralph Lauren’s amazing car collection (msn)

What are you reading?


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7 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. romerjt says:

    Reading “Summer of 1776″ . . . the humiliating loss of the 1st engagement (Long Island) of the Revolutionary War was not reported by the press because . . . it kinda didn’t fit the narrative. Familiar ground but always interesting telling.

  2. billybob says:

    Paul Farrell is utterly clueless about meditation. If you’re thinking, you ain’t meditating. Meditation is to your brain, what fasting is to your gut, i.e., quiet, cessation, and rest.

  3. MaxMax says:

    I want that Bugatti …

  4. beaufou says:

    This article about the Greenwald saga is interesting.

    I have to comment on the sex/wage issue. It seems you do get laid more when you make more, but maybe it’s just me. Sarkozy said you had to work more to earn more, little did he know that, apparently, you just have to screw like a rabbit. I guess whores are all millionaires.

  5. Mike in Nola says:

    Has anyone considered that the whole Miranda/Guardian affair is just another misdirection play to make the ham-handed US/UK intel services and governments look foolish again like they did when Snowden escaped from under their noses?

    Why would these obviously savvy people have someone well-known and well-connected to Greenwald carry anything important, even if it was heavily encrypted? I’m sure there were many others who could have carried it by different routes. And that’s if physical delivery was actually necessary.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Miranda was the decoy and he had the added bonus of causing embarrassment to the authorities.

  6. VennData says:

    Harry Dent and the chamber of poor returns

    “…Why do people listen to Harry Dent in light of his obvious inability to accurately predict the future?”

    The GOP Governor of Wisconsin believes. He is “raising pay” (Yep the same guy that cuts pay everywhere else in Wisconsin public employees)

    “…Vicki Hearing, SWIB’s communications director, said the bonuses are necessary to recruit and retain quality investment staff…”

    Vicki Hearing, SWIB’s communications director is an ignorant bimbo. All you need is to put 60% in and equity index and 40% in a bond index. An Android Cupcake phone could manage a pension plan for you Vicki. Read the data on how paying more for pension managers adds no value. ZERO! in fact you LOSE VALUE.

    Vicky Hearing another liar in the world of finance. The GOP ignore the science, the data, the facts.

  7. rd says:

    The Ted Cruz birther issue is getting interesting:

    Canada changed its citizenship laws in the 1980s (Cruz would have been in his teens then) requiring Canadian citizenships to go through a formal paperwork process in Canadian government offices, such as Consulates or Embassies, in order to actually renounce Canadian citizenship. It sounds like Cruz’s staffers have not researched this issue previously, which I find odd given the frenzy and froth there has been over Obama’s Hawaii birth certificate, never mind that Cruz was born in Calgary, Alberta which is almost like being born in Texas, but is still another country.

    This should be a pretty simple issue to address, but the previous hysteria in the Republican right over Obama’s birth certificate makes this a highly amusing affair that could presage another fun Republican primary season. Some of the major questions that still need to be answered are who will be the Hermain Cain and Michelle Bachman of the 2016 primary season?