My afternoon reading:

•  Why Low TV Ratings Are A Bullish Sign (Schaeffers) see also Nobody Watches Business TV Anymore (NY Mag)
• Five Takeaways from GDP Revisions (Real Time Economics)
• Wessel: Federal Reserve: The Movie (yeah, I sneak a few words in this) (WSJ)
• The Unauthorized Rules Of How To Dress At Goldman Sachs (GSE)
• Go forth and multiply: Reproduction & Art markets (Reuters)
• Regulators Repeat Exactly What They Did During the Last Housing Boom (Baseline Scenario) see also Why is Bernanke’s Fed dragging its feet on bank regulations? (Fortune)
Paul LaMonica: Don’t underestimate Google (CNN/Money)
• The Armageddon Caucus (National Memo)
• 15 things journalists (and everyone) need to know about digital security (Poynter) see also 12 Surprising Facts That Sound False But Are Actually True (Business Insider)
• As Clear As Mud  CrossFit, Tough Mudders, and the rise of social-physical challenges  (Grantland)

What are you reading?


GDP Revisions
Source: Real Time Economics

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6 Responses to “10 Thursday PM Reads”

  1. Slash says:

    Is that how to dress at Goldman Sachs thing for real? Or a joke? I can’t tell.

  2. swag says:

    I just read “The Wolf of Wall Street” and, captivating though some of it was, I’m afraid the chatty, gee-whiz, unblessed-by-an-editor, rotten prose (how many times does one have to see the phrase “loamy loins”?) and self-aggrandizing, sociopathological story-telling will diminish for me the brilliant film Scorsese will have no doubt made of this turd.

    • A few things to remember:

      Jordan Belfort was an extraordinary conman, a scumbag thief with zero ethics. Given that writing involves hard work, lots of time and practice, and a degree of humility, it should not be a surprise he is not a good writer. He had none of those things. Hence, the embarrassing prose, poor structure, narrative errors, wrong focus, and ongoing hubris. I read the first book, could not bother with the second one.

      All that said, Scorcese directing DiCaprio, Favreau, McConaughey & Jonah Hill is likely to make an awesome flick. I’ll see it for sure

  3. kaleberg says:

    It’s not clear that low ratings for business news are a good sign. It basically means that the baby boomers are finally tapped out as an economic force. Sure, stock prices may be up, earnings may be up and housing recovering a bit, but most Americans have basically given up. They’ve tried investing in themselves. They’ve tried investing in the stock market. They’ve tried investing in real estate. They lost their shirts in each boom and bust. No wonder there are so many nihilists these days.

    • In the past, disinterest in equities by the marginal buyers has been a good contrarian indicator.

      But You are speaking in very broad generalizations. Are the boomers “tapped out” or have they simply hit that latter stage of their lifetime spending cycle which is more modest than earlier phases?