My early morning, Bezos really owns WaPo?, Tuesday reads:

• Hedge funds copy Soros’s regulatory sidestep (
• Bank commodity hoarding to end? (Macrobusiness)
• The IPO Market’s Baby Boomlet (Barron’s)
• Someone stop Larry Summers from bagging the Fed before it’s too late (Telegraph) see also Why I Don’t Trust Lawrence Summers’ Friends (Slate)
•  Future prospects: Prospect theory and economics (Economist)
• Mayday for America’s middle class: Trickle-down economics have worked out terribly for most Americans (LA Times)
• Did We Waste a Financial Crisis? (NYT Mag) see also The Financial Crisis Cost More Than $14 Trillion: Dallas Fed Study (Huff Po)
• Should you delete all emails you get while you are on holiday?  (BBC)
• Apparently if you want more babies you just have to let people have them (FT Alphaville)
• Remembering the Apple Newton’s Prophetic Failure and Lasting Impact (Wired)

What are you reading?

So Much for the Uncertainty Index
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8 Responses to “10 Tuesday AM Reads”

  1. hue says:

    Your Dog Will Not Like DogTV (Slate)

    Pentagon Papers Leaker Daniel Ellsberg Praises Snowden, Manning (npr)

    Boehner’s Passive-Aggressive Style Heightens Risk of Government Shutdown (National Journal)

    • hue says:

      Let’s hope Bezos treats the WaPo like Amazon, taking a decade to become profitable.

      Sorry to dump my reads …

      8 Things We Simply Don’t Understand About the Human Brain (IO9) On your death bed, you shall have total consciousness

      Talent Or Skill?: Homing In On The Elusive ‘Sports Gene’ (npr: fresh air) How Softball Underhanded Hurler, Jenny Finch, Struck Out Major Leaguers. BR, our college pitcher, could write a book about the trading gene.

  2. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    Build it, and they will come.

    Chinese Hacking Team Caught Taking Over Decoy Water Plant

    “A Chinese hacking group accused this February of being tied to the Chinese army was caught last December infiltrating a decoy water control system for a U.S. municipality, a researcher revealed on Wednesday.

    The group, known as APT1, was caught by a research project that provides the most significant proof yet that people are actively trying to exploit the vulnerabilities in industrial control systems. Many of these systems are connected to the Internet to allow remote access (see “Hacking Industrial Systems Turns Out to Be Easy”). APT1, also known as Comment Crew, was lured by a dummy control system set up by Kyle Wilhoit, a researcher with security company Trend Micro, who gave a talk on his findings at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas….”

  3. willid3 says:

    blame Larry?

    seems he didn’t even want to talk or think about regulating derivatives. because it might then current contracts.

  4. RW says:

    Sequestration, across the board budget cuts, was wrong from the beginning and becoming more destructive every week it continues to exist.

    Sequester Watch, #16

    Lots of granular e.g.’s of sequestration’s impact on seniors, low-income kids (Head Start), and cancer patients–add in active duty soldiers and you have a group that you might think policy makers would want to try to help.

    But this week also includes a number of macroeconomic pieces, focusing on GDP and a job market stuck in second gear.

  5. denim says:

    What I am reading.
    First, your most excellent list today.
    “In Germany, Union Culture Clashes With Amazon’s Labor Practices”

    “Here’s what Amazon lobbies for in D.C.”
    By Brad Plumer, Published: August 6 at 8:54
    By now, everyone’s heard that Jeff Bezos has bought The Washington Post. This is the same Jeff Bezos, of course, who also founded and runs Amazon, a sprawling company that has plenty of policy interests in D.C., as well as a multi-million-dollar lobbying operation.”

    Hello, testing.