Congratulations, its a MailChimp!


Those 19,206 of you who receive The Big Picture via email at 7pm EST each day may have noticed a few changes this past week.

The reason for this is the mail server we use. It used to be via Feedburner, but we switched over to MailChimp.

There were a few reasons for this, but the main one was that Feedburner is a Google property, and since they just killed Reader, I expect Feedburner may be next on the chopping block. Rather than wait and scramble, I wanted to be proactive. Feedburner was great — it was free, and relatively simple to manage. However, it was not very user definable. Mailchimp costs about $150 a month, but it is far more robust. Lots of it is user definable functions, designs, and plenty of analytics.

Mailchimp is a double opt in — you have to sign up, then click a link on a received email. (Note this is very different than giant spam factory known as ConstantContact, who suck).

A few notable elements: I can create dedicated email lists for different functions: In addition to getting the site via email each day, I can create a separate email list for The Big Picture Conference, for our Asset Management Commentary, for other eBooks we create, etc.

All told it is a pretty cool tool.


If it looks somewhat different, well bear with us. I am still learning all the various configurations, colors, etc.



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31 Responses to “About TBP’s Daily Email Subscription . . .”

  1. odnalro zeraus says:

    Thanks for the great job!

  2. Rohdewarrior says:

    I hate the new format. It forces me to open a new link to read an article where before I could read everything in the body of the e-mail.

    I will give it time (in case it grows on me) before I decide whether it is still worth getting the e-mails. , but either way I will be reading fewer posts.

    • I am not sure what the final version will look like
      (First, I have to figure ou how to configure this damn thing)

      The major problem with full feeds is we have to deal with scrapers/content thieves. I dont want my content on all these scam sites for their SEO puprposes.

  3. alfonsox says:

    I look forward to your daily report. It is the only blog I read religiously. I would be happy to pay a subscription. The new format is essentially another listing with a couple of sentences of intro, you have to click through to get to the meat, then out, then to the next item, etc. Previously you could generally read the whole piece, only clicking through to read the comments or see a video or the occasional off-site item. Please bring back complete articles. In passing, it seems I can not see the comments either. Not sure who else shares my opinion, for example. Cheers.

  4. boveri says:

    I don’t like the pale blue color. Not as easy to read and not becoming to TBP.

  5. Winchupuata says:

    Yours is the only blog I follow regularly (i.e. everyday) and I do it not because how pretty it looks but because of all the information, insights and interesting articles in it. To be honest the colors, if I have to click two times instead of one to read an article or if I have to read something in a different page or whatever, doesn’t bother me the least.

    It’s still a pretty blog though.

  6. Jojo says:

    Sorry, but I just don’t understand the concept of a web blog coming as email! Say what?

    Why not use an RSS Reader? Like InoReader for instance. Which looks pretty close to what GReader was and is working great so far.

    Plus, it has some nice functionality that GReader did not, such as the ability to disable a feed, instead of having to unsubscribe from it.

    Go here:

  7. john binder says:

    I love your daily updates; no matter the format. It is great that it is not one dimensional and has items from all over the board. I can’t believe your number of readers is only 22,206. It will grow as people continue to forward your great content. Thank you.

  8. john binder says:


  9. seythesage says:

    Congratulations, Barry. Love the new format. Clearer, less cluttered, easier to follow. Bold headline of story with just a few identifying sentences allows us quickly to make choice of what to read. I don’t mind the extra click to read the whole story. Those who do are probably born of the computer generation where saving a nanosecond for extra click jumbles their generationally altered synaptic brain wiring. Poor darlings.

  10. intlacct says:

    Barry – I appreciate the innovations. What shows up, in my email at least, is VERY difficult for those with poor eyesight to read as there is very little contrast in the text and background colors. I know this is a learning process so not being impatient. IA

  11. tballengerbp says:

    I love this blog, but this new format is horrible in comparison to the former… I like to review every night and read into articles that are interesting… I really appreciate all the work you put into this, but the new format requires clicking into links and I would love to see a prior format revision… too difficult on ipad… keep up the great work, but please consider a version that provides a similar look if possible, it was incredibly functional.

  12. chives says:

    Barry–love your website, it’s one of the best out there–have happily followed it daily for years. I really miss having the whole article appear on the email link–that was one of the things that set you apart from the rest. Your information was interesting, timely AND easy to get to. Now the links are like everything else I read on the internet, a few sentences but not quite enough to tell me if I want to dive in, especially when time is limited. I now find myself leaving it for ‘later’ and not reading as much in depth as I used to. Any chance of bringing it back? I too would gladly pay a subscription if it made the difference. Also agree the light blue color on the emails is difficult to read. Maybe just dark blue? thx for asking…

  13. bear_in_mind says:

    Hi Barry,

    Looks fine to me!

    About the only thing I’d add to my “wish list” would be to have linked articles open a browser window on top of the page, ala Flipboard. However, I suspect this would require the entire code base under Flipboard to pull off. One can dream, can’t they? But maybe it’s a feature to look at for the next major revamp in 3-4 years?

  14. Mal Williams says:

    Barry, You are by far my favorite blogger for many good reasons. But, I hate your new light blue lettering on your letter. Now I know that you are still a kid, but as we age the light gathering power of our eyes diminishes. Please think of us old farts. Thanks, Mal

  15. Lester says:

    Love the work but:

    The new format’s light blue lettering is really hard to read (OK, so I’m old and wear cheaters…but still….) Thanks,

  16. Derrick says:

    FWIW- I don’t like how I can’t see the top reads from the email. I don’t want to have to click on the link to go to your site to read them.


  17. Henry says:

    Thank you, Barry, for your always interesting “Big Picture” reads. I often wonder how you can catch and trawl through so much in the galactic explosion of information on the Internet. But I am writing simply to note that the new format (including the light blue print) of The Big Picture items is not as easy to scroll through and read through as the former format. No response needed.



  18. Sam says:


    Is it possible for you to go back to your former format in the “dark Blue?” This new format is very light, difficult to read (almost painful) although the information is usually very relevant. However, if not, then I will be unsubscribing.

    Many thanks for your attention!

  19. David says:

    Love the new format. Attract more people to the website too


  20. Linda says:

    Wow. Much better format to get to all the information.


  21. jh says:



  22. Hisham says:


    Can you please go back to your original format. It was much easier to read rather than click “to read more…”

    You never know what you miss out by not clicking. This way it’s easier to skip articles than reading them as was the

    case before.

    One of your most loyal followers,


  23. Ora says:

    I may be the only one – but the light blue print in your redesigned email is extremely difficult to read. I really have to work at reading the “table of contents”. Please darken the color – a lot!


  24. MArtha says:

    Hello, nice new blog format. Any possibility of changing headline font from light blue to a darker color? Pretty hard to read against the white background.

    Always enjoy your posts.


  25. Jack says:

    I wouldn’t normally complain about a product for which I pay nothing,
    I would just move on;
    so consider this a comment regarding something I find very useful and enjoyable.

    I’m not a fan of the new email format.
    It relays very little information and has no direct links.
    Everything is now multiple links away. Who’s got time for that?

    Consider this a vote for the format from three-days ago if votes are
    being counted.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  26. Steve says:

    Don’t like the new format – and that is from someone who gets ONLY your blog each day.Big fan.Of yours. Not the changed format.