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Source: Washington Post

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5 Responses to “Audit: NSA Broke Privacy Rules 1000x / Year”

  1. Derektheunder says:

    If the NSA isn’t properly muzzled and leashed along with the IRS immediately, there are dire days ahead for the US.

  2. rd says:

    This is pretty good. This is a much lower error rate than the banks had with foreclosures amd MBS’s. We all know that the banks clearly had no significant problems requiring prosecution and that these are all only minor clerical errors by both the banks and NSA.

  3. milbank says:

    I would be shocked if they hadn’t.

    Derektheunder, with all due respect, those that own the NSA and IRS (as well as us) don’t need to muzzle and leash them. They have them perfectly trained to do exactly what they are supposed to do for them.

  4. Robert M says:

    As my kids would say, “REALLY!”.
    What is unescapable is there is a real argument to be made for the NSA and their procedures. In capturing meta data the NSA records the actual phone call and runs it through Al Gore listening for certain word(s) to investigate further. For example if they hear from a real suspect or I’m going to “kill” X they should know by now you never been in love if you haven’t threatened to kill the one you love or “Boom goes the dynamite” the “tape” should be further investigated to determine if its your lover, your impressed w/ your lover you’re talking about or a bad guy. The bad guys should then be investigated further and action taken. For those involved w/ the lover the tape and the meta data should be destroyed/erased. Unfortunately the NSA, its leaders and too many others in government, elected or appointed believe they should keep every thing, just in case you actually act against the government in “any” manner and then as anyone who watches TV knows they’ll splice together whatever they need to destroy you. This too, is unfortunate as too many people have been inured to the idea that this is for are own good. With a different approach, which requires honesty, the American people are likely to accept the policy as helpful. Instead we have Stasi America.