How ‘big data’ is changing lives

Data is increasingly defining us – from the information we share on the web, to that collected by the numerous companies with whom we interact. Intrigued by the sheer scales involved, photojournalist Rick Smolan wanted to see how data was transforming the world.

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Take a look at his global snapshots – compiled in his book The Human Face of Big Data.

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7 Responses to “Big Data Is Transforming the World”

  1. [...] Big Data Is Transforming the World | The Big Picture 'big data' is changing lives Data is increasingly defining us – from the information we share on the web, to that collected by the numerous companies. [...]

  2. peggysue says:

    I do not get it. Many organizations gobble up big data but what are they doing with it?

    NSA admits they store most of it because they do not have resources to “analyze” .
    Wal mart has scads of data but WM sales down due to raising of payroll with holding tax.?!?
    Amazon has loads but all they do is send me emails encouraging me to purchase again what I purchased 3 weeks ago.

    Lots of noise,, all hat no cattle!


    • RD Williams says:

      Hello Peggysue, I understand why you don’t get it. Big Data is a process not a thing. You can’t just plug Big Data in and play. There is a pretty sophisticated process required to maximize Big Data. Only a few small companies have begun to productize Big Data. The reasons why the NSA can’t use a lot of their data is not because of a lack of analysts to review the data its because they don’t have Big Data tools along with Knowledge Workers to apply the data results they would get if they had a data strategy. Amazon and Wal Mart are not using Big Data they are using business intelligence and business analytics just like the NSA. The volume and frequency of data has outstripped the capabilities of their 10 & 20 year old tools. No organization with Big Data has the rudimentary types of problems you see with the organizations referenced in your response.

  3. icantdance says:

    great tool to quickly/intelligently personally interpret large data dumps: