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Source: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Category: Humor, Weekend

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5 Responses to “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks”

  1. wrongtrade says:

    I love the content, but the film editing is dizzying, maddening. A little is a nice, especially in the intro, but it’s too much for the duration.

  2. ByteMe says:

    They’re wonderful, but… same entry twice in a year?

    • Dunno, it just struck me

      Plus the WTF podcast!

    • PeterR says:

      Technically this is episode #2 from Season One, and it is still my favorite. The way the three men resonate with each other . . . Moments like this trio in action, quietly, are slipping into the past all too fast IMO.

      Last week’s missing episode did indeed create a void. Hopefully on Thursday there will be a new episode at noon, and maybe a trailer on Wednesday?

  3. Teejay says:

    It was OK, but when I’m feeling a little down and I need a “pick-me-up’ I swing by here and read your comment policy. Cracks me up every time.