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A Better Way to Bring Your Desktop to Your iPad

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8 Responses to “Desktop to Your iPad”

  1. InterestedObserver says:

    Agreed, way cool on function, but pricing seems ridiculous ($80/yr/remote pc??) to the point of priced out of existence prior to launch.

    • PeterR says:

      22 cents per day seems pretty low, about one cup of cheap coffee per week.

      • InterestedObserver says:

        True, but those small amounts spread all over the place do add up.

        As it is, I noticed that I’ll get a free 6 month subscription if I upgrade my Parallels Desktop installation, so I’ll get a chance to give this a decent trial. I do think that they need to get the price closer to an impulse purchase level to gain traction and they should offer multiple PC bundles.

      • InterestedObserver says:

        Upgraded to Parallels 9 and have done a little with Access now.

        A little cheaper ($50/seat) and it’s a no brainer, but I just might swallow hard once the 6 months is over and go for it. Time will tell. Nice implementation. Decently quick on my connection. Darn, I like my coffee too, I want both!

  2. pnjfksx says:

    Log Me In has similar functionality for free. I have used the Windows version for years to access my desktop remotely from my laptop.


  3. bm says:

    There is also teamviewer which also allows you remote access to your desktop.


  4. Livermore Shimervore says:

    I give it a month before the $35 Google Chromecast has picked up on this somehow — at 1/3 the subscription cost via Google Drive or some other method, with no need to have your PC sucking down coal juice at home while you’re somewhere else. The biggest downside, and a deliberate one by Apple to get you buy a MacBook as well, is that you can’t use a mouse with their iPad. That will forever limit the functionality of the iPad as a mobile work station and not just a consumption/time wasting device — more of a display for surgeon’s or expensive clipboard for people who work on their feet but the desk jocks are SOL.

  5. pcassell says:

    Parallels has some extra neat features, but you can do the same thing with an RDP (remote desktop protocol) client app on the iPad, turn on RDP on your windows desktop, and setup your broadband router appropriately (port forwarding).

    A must have for road warriors who want outlook on the go ;).