The argument that the beat and falsetto are property of the Marvin Gaye estate strikes me as a stretch. These songs have a similarities, but its a gonna be tough for the Gaye Estate to prove infringement.


Marvin Gaye – Got To Give It Up


Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell



Listeners were able to discern similarities between the songs, particularly with regards to the beat and Thicke’s vocal delivery. Apparently this included the family of Marvin Gaye, as this week Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. (real name Clifford Harris, Jr.) filed a lawsuit against the late singer’s relatives, alleging that the defendants have “claimed ownership of an entire genre.”

Uh huh: Thicke and company’s lawyers are getting pre-emptive.

In the filing, which can be read here, Thicke’s lawyers claim that the similarities between the two songs are totally common: “[There] are no similarities between plaintiffs’ composition and those the claimants allege they own, other than commonplace musical elements.”



Blurred lines (Duke Cover) (August 2nd, 2013)

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8 Responses to “Friday Night Music IP Litigation: Robin Thicke vs Marvin Gaye”

  1. stonedwino says:

    It’s not the first time someone steals a bass line…that’ all.

  2. PeterR says:

    Erin Burnett had a piece on this tonight, and the gist was that Thicke wants to clear up the copyright issues ASAP, to preclude being sued later for infringement, in case the music ends up in a movie etc.. A declaratory judgment would make the music more marketable now. Not sure how often this kind of suit is brought, but seems as if it might make the entire process simpler in the long run?

  3. maxtaco says:

    Hmm, never stopped to think about it before, Soul Train was totally lip-synced. I wonder what the dancing people on the set heard?

  4. catman says:

    I guess Prince doesnt need the money.

  5. ByteMe says:

    It’s not “a bit” of a stretch… it’s Gumby-ized.

  6. GoFetch says:

    You posted the watered down version of this video. Check this unrated one out. Its a lot more fun.


  7. CSF says:

    “Blurred Lines” is to “Soul Train” as “Locked Out of Heaven” is to:

    a. Roxanne b. Message in a Bottle c. Can’t Stand Losing You d. all the above