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8 Responses to “Inside the brand new Corvette Stingray”

  1. flipspiceland says:

    The Stingray is over. Calling this abomination the Sting Ray is like calling the few remaining members of the band, “Chicago”, Chicago. Or, as publishing houses are doing with Parker, Patterson, and now, Leonard’s novels. Just pure unabashed naked exploitation. How would you feel is someone took your book, “Bailout Nation”, and copied it using your name?

    Without Cetera, without Terry Kath, calling these new members Chicago is just slapping a brand name— that captured tens of millions if not hundreds of millions of acolytes—-on the output of inferior talent, and creativity.

    The fact that so many venues are openly, blatantly lying to us, using the names of past, very successful entities is a sad commentary on the Arts.

    There is no need to name this new automotive beast the “Sting Ray”, it can very well stand on its own and as owner of a real Sting Ray, it does not appeal to me or convince me that it is identical to an original one. Nor should it anyone else.

    This, I repeat, is NOY as Sting Ray. GM, change the name.

    • flipspiceland says:

      …and thank you for, “Bailout Nation”. A real gem in the literature of the what occurred and is still occurring in the world of Finance.

      (See Hank Paulson’s recent article in “Fortune” about leaving the Big Banks alone. (this man should be in Jail for his crimes) )

    • I completely disagree, and when GM releases the 7 speed 550HP LT1 convertible — with very similar specs to the Ferrari 458 Spyder at a third of the price, I may have to buy one.

  2. MarkKlose says:

    I’m with Barry on this; the Vette has been a performance bargain for some time (albeit requiring finesse to drive anywhere near the limit) but now no excuses need to be made for the seats and the rest of the interior. With the Boxster & Cayman easily going past $90k with Porsche’s rapacious option pricing, the new Stingray really is a compelling value. It’s a bit over-styled for my tastes but black or cyber-grey hides most of the excesses. Best of all, it still comes with a stick.

  3. fgw says:

    Just yesterday you linked to an article stating: “nothing says you haven’t always had money like driving a Corvette”
    (personally all I can afford is a superbike – as in bicycle)

  4. theexpertisin says:

    Almost all of the Corvettes I see on the road are driven by overweight, graybeard white guys with a second ( or third, or fourth) wife-babe in the front seat that is likely younger than his own kids.

  5. MotownMichael says:

    As somebody whose had his hands on one of these: The new Corvette is simply, pure American Badass! Hands down I’d take one over any Porsche, BMW, Audi, Nissan,Lexus, whatever. When you see it in person, you’ll realize GM is going to sell a bunch of these things. I’ve never in my life been a Corvette fan; the 2014 Stingray is a game changer. I’m excited down to my bones, and getting the convertible; and I won’t be a senior citizen for 25 years:-) I’m glad its possible to get a world class product, designed and manufactured in the US. And BTW- the new Cadillacs are also sweet! GM has its mojo back.