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6 Responses to “Kelly Evans Slaps Morgan Stanley’s Adam Parker”

  1. JoseOle says:

    Ms. Evans is new and trying to prove herself, I suppose. Busting the balls of an analyst over his price targets? Really? Lame.


    BR: I should have presented this with more context.

    Parker has been Wall St’s biggest bear, forecasting a major correction — she is calling him on his 180.

  2. DeDude says:

    Adam Parker is actually very sensible saying that he can only give probability and arguments in favor of each scenario (bull vs. bear). Kelly Evans wants the studpid answer (up or down – buy or sell) because it fits the average “probability-smuckability-give-me-a-yes-or-no-answer” viewer of the program. Then CNBC stoke the program with a little firework of confrontation to become more competitive with “reality” shows. There are some real good reasons to skip CNBC and read newsletters/blogs instead if you are interested in how to invest.

    • He has seemingly found religion.

      The reason she is bitch slapping him is that on her show, earlier in the year, he was talking about an imminent correction of 20%.

  3. DeDude says:

    “He has seemingly found religion”

    Better late than never – maybe he read this:

  4. jaytrader says:

    There is something called CNBC?
    I never knew…Never watch them….
    Seriously…Kelly Evans is new to CNBC I believe and she is just trying to make a name for herself by being on the public side by taking down the high payed Wall Street Analyst…Please! She is as fake and phoney as the rest of the on air analysts on CNBS. Bread and Circus.

  5. Onemoretime says:

    Since I have zero expectations from any news person Kelly did not disappoint. Adam handled the entire interview very well which is the minimum I would expect from a man in his position. I think it’s only when either party exceeds the expectations that these interviews becomes interesting.