My morning reading:

Doug Kass:”the Market Has Peaked for 2013″ (The
• SPACS SUCK, FILM AT 11: Thriving Financial Product, Despite a Record of Failure (Dealbook)
• BlackBerry – and Nokia’s – Fundamental Failing (stratēchery ) see also HOW BLACKBERRY FELL (Elements)
• Next Fed Head Should Meet the Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren Standard (The Nation)
Felix: “Summers has demonstrated essentially zero crisis-prevention skills” Obama’s dangerously heroic view of the Fed (Reuters) see also Senate Pressure on Fed Pick Irks White House (WSJ)
• The problem with algorithms: magnifying misbehaviour (theguardian)
• Journalism Has Entered A Golden Age (Business Insider)
• Social Security is a model, not a failure, for Washington budgetmaking (Christian Science Monitor)
• Defending iOS with cheap iPhones (Benedict Evans) see also The Case for a New Lower-Cost iPhone (Daring Fireball)
• 40 maps that explain the world (World Views)

What are your reading?


After Losing Season, Records May Be Safe
Source: WSJ

Category: Financial Press

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11 Responses to “10 Mid-Week AM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    Gates to patent School books from video

    Wow, what a genius. nobody ever thought of teaching kids with video.

    I hope be makes billions suing schools the world over.

    You’re so loved by American Gates.

  2. DeDude says:

    I guess that the popularity of meritocracy vs. affirmative action depends on whether your tribe is helped or hurt by it – can you say hypocrisy?

  3. > 40 maps that explain the world

    Interesting stuff, especially the comment section that includes some insightful commentary . . . also this, “ARGH! Content aside can the staff graphic designers please figure out how to make color-coded maps that are friendly for those of us with color vision deficiencies.”

  4. RW says:

    New Mexico is the driest of the dry

    …kick a toe into loamy soil or drag a boot heel across the desert’s crust, leaning down to squint at the tiny excavation.

    Try that maneuver in New Mexico these days and it yields nothing but bad news in a puff of dust.

    Across the West, changes in the climate are taking a toll. Almost 87% of the region is in a drought.

    NB: At current rate of change it will probably be just as dry all the way to Saskatchewan within the next few decades. From 900 to 1200 AD when the Northern hemisphere was 1 degree C warmer than the average temp 30 years ago (we’re roughly .5 degrees C higher now) it was desert from Mexico to Canada across nearly half the N. American continent (Lynas, 2008)

    New Mexico is going fast with Texas, Arizona and Nevada in ‘hot’ pursuit but, going forward, it doesn’t look like Kansas and Nebraska farmland would be a profitable long-term investment …or ranch land in Colorado, Wyoming or Montana either if it comes to that.

  5. romerjt says:

    reading . . Just finished “The End of Night – Searching for Darkness in an Age of Artificial Light” Goodbye Milky Way, thank you gas stations, parking lots and used car dealerships . . and more

  6. denim says:

    Senate Pressure on Fed Pick Irks White House
    Obama Aides Send Message to Democrats to Curb Lobbying as President Weighs Candidates for Next Central Bank Chief WSJ.

    Be irked, very irked. The professional left and its biggest allies, progressive voters, see things like FDR did not like the Great Compromisers in the White House who see things through green tinted eyeshades.

    “…The professional left, his message went, is not representative of the progressives who voted for Obama.

    “Well, the Obama in the White House is not the Obama who organized, campaigned, raised money and ran for office, so I guess it’s a wash,” responded Jane Hamsher of progressive website”

    • DeDude says:

      If Obama want enough gains in the house and senate to finish his presidency with something else but gridlock, he better listen to the democratic voters and keep Summers out of the Fed. He may not have another election in front of him but he does have something to lose if he decide to piss off progressives. After all if Obama lose the midterm and we get GOP in charge of both house and Senate, that would increase the chances of a real democrat in the white house in 2016.

  7. SkepticalOx says:

    Study backs up what we all knew already: BMW drivers are jerks. (NYTimes)

    This is pretty funny – and sad?

    • I told a story today on Bloomberg radio about a classic car club I belonged to a decade ago. The Ferrari drivers had created a very specific set of rules of etiquette for when they were out and about, specifically to avoid that “Jerk” rep for the marquee.

      Apparently BMW could have used that approach too!

    • Al_Czervik says:

      On a recent trip in Europe, I noticed that drivers in London, Paris, and Barcelona were generally respectful of pedestrians in crosswalks. The one exception was a Mercedes driver in front of the Casino in Monte Carlo, who paid no attention to the fact that I was crossing. The rules don’t apply to them.

  8. S Brennan says:

    “With So Many Job Openings, Why So Little Hiring?

    This article details what is the Propaganda Ministry’s official party line [OPL] for “smart people” please read it with an open [and unquestioning] mind. Remember; OPL’s are required memorization to obtain work permits in jobs that are above poverty pay grade.

    After complete meorization please send a special thanks to Comrade Orszag for his well received repetitive regurgitation of OPL 17.07.689 “Americans are now lazy, worthless, scum and deserve all the bad things that we do to them for our own trivial amusement”