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8 Responses to “New Details Show Broader NSA Surveillance Reach”

  1. dsawy says:

    We in the tech industry could see this coming way back in the days when they forced us to put CALEA interfaces on routers and switches in the mid-90′s.

    For anyone who thinks that the NSA is taking only “selective” parts of a data stream, I’ve some oceanfront property right next to the new facility in Utah to sell you.

    The real issue here is how quickly the NSA ramped up their prior abuses (which were at a more limited level) to institutionalized wholesale vacuuming of everything in sight after the expansion of renewal of their authority came up for a vote in 2008.

  2. Expat says:

    I worry less about this abuse of power than I do about the utter complacency, nay enthusiasm, of many Americans. Friends and family have told me I am pretty much a traitor and America-hater for questioning this and other programs. All of this, they say, does not bother them since they have nothing to hide. And anyone who is worried is because they have something to hide.

    I will have probably soon renounce my citizenship, which they say is also a good thing since I hate America.

  3. woolybear1 says:

    Yes, the enthusiasm is astounding. I have had people tell me if the police came to their house they would let them search it without a warrant. All I can do is shake my head.

  4. dbrodess says:

    …anything you say can and WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU.

  5. romerjt says:

    When I try to imagine the implications and consequences of my life online its disturbing. But there it is and I’ve given the stuff away for convenience.

  6. franklin411 says:

    Golly, I would hate to think of the awful things the NSA could do with my recipe for ratatouille!

    Fear that the NSA might be “listening in” is just another example of the kind of irrational paranoia that drives the human mind–on par with the idea that UFOs, ghosts, and the Easter Bunny are “out there.”

  7. Willy2 says:

    The Soviet Union & East Germany also spent millions & millions on surveillance/information gathering. But that didn’t keep them from going bankrupt.

  8. intlacct says:

    No, Expat, you’re a traitor for not ‘support[ing] the troops’.

    But seriously, it is interesting (to me, at least) how those who have lived and worked overseas often have a significantly different view of the world from those stateside. I think I brought up US foreign policy once at a family weenie roast. Never again. (head shake)

    Hating America for its freedoms since 1902