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Sea Ray 350 SLX Preview

• Seating for 18.
• Available Dynamic Running Surface and Axius joystick technology deliver adaptable performance underway and simple docking.
• Optional raised Manta bow shades.
• 160 fuel gallon.

Sea Ray 350 SLX Preview

sea ray 350 slx 16

Sea Ray 350 SLX Preview

Sea Ray 350 SLX Preview

Sea Ray 350 SLX Preview

sea ray 350 slx 6

Source: Marine Max

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19 Responses to “Sea Ray 350 SLX Preview”

  1. hankest says:

    It’s ugly as sin. While you may be able to dive off it, it’s useless for fishing. I’d worry about that open bow every time i came through the inlet on a rough day. One big wave and you’re sunk (literally).

    So, it will cost you a ton to buy and another ton to operate and it will impress the landlubbers.

    • I have a bowrider, they are not designed for deep water/ocean fishing, but they make great day boats.

      And if you think this little beastie is ugly as soon, I bet I will have no interest in the wine, women, or song you like — and cars too!

      • hankest says:

        Ha, yeah probably. i’d prefer an old sailboat, but if i were to pick an overpriced stink potter it would be this:

        Now that’s a beauty… .

      • S Brennan says:

        Barry your taste is your own…and you’ve done better with it than I have with mine…or the commentariet, so no judgement there.

        But I’ve been a boater for all of my life…let me give one piece of advice. Don’t buy a boat without an enclosed head…unless you don’t enjoy women doing the things that make the afternoon/evening on the water great.. I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer…it looks sleek for a reason, it’s missing something that is hard to design in…get one with a head that’s big enough that women can be comfortable with.

      • hankest says:

        Sbrennen, he’s done better with his taste than you have with yours? What on earth does that even mean?

        Anyway, i’m certain that monstrosity has an enclosed head.

      • My 240 Sundeck has one

      • Potomac says:

        Very nice, but the 240 Sundeck is a sweet vessel too. Bigger doesn’t always make better,especially when cruising up and down tributaries.

      • S Brennan says:

        Yep…we might disagree from time to time, but you always struck me as “slightly smarter than the average* bear”.


        FYI, me and a co-worker had a great night floating around Lake Union last night in my little 23.5′ Beneteau to which I have added a 6hp electric motor and requisite battery banks and wiring. Hey, the view’s the same…and if the food, friends and wine are right…the boat is a small detail.

    • peggysue says:

      In days of yore I owned a searay 26 that kept on Potomac. Great boat. Could do anything with it. Great on river, bay etc.
      Never took it to Atlantic, however. Slept 6 somewhat uncomfortably. Full, galley, head, shower.

      Over nights for 2-4 great fun.

      Open bow problematic in rough weather.

      Would be concerned about 18!! People on that puppy above.


  2. johnl says:

    Think you forgot to add “Big” to the bad ass. This is likely one of the larger bow riders out there. Love the axius drive system. However I can only imagine that it is Ferrari expensive.

    • No clue what the price is

      My dinghy (nbow with new anchors!) is a 2006 24 foot Sea Ray Sundeck. If I were to replace it, it would be a 29 foot Formula closer to 2011. I am almost ready to graduate to 2 engines!

  3. alexeck says:

    Stunning, looks to be another Sea Ray winner. For my part, I’m a bit done with stern drive in the shallow and caustic waters of Florida, where I live. It’s outboard all the way for me from now on.

    • My brother mangled my outdrive — led to a $12000 repair (mostly covered by Insurance, he picked up the shortfall).

      Like cars, you need more than 1 — what you can do with this monstrosity is very different than what you can do with a 22 footer with an outboard . . .

  4. tlittell says:

    That’s absolutely beautiful (drooling all over my 20 bowrider!). Oh the fun I could have with that right now here on Lake Michigan!

  5. Joe says:

    Ya `gotchur bait cutting onna rail boats, your artificial lake ski and motor-around-the- lake boats, and your bay and ocean sport fishing boats. This looks like a Lake Tahoe cruiser and I could live with that.

  6. miamijim says:

    Lake Michigan !!! That body of water can turn on you in an INSTANT!!! NO open bows or smaller than 42′ on this lake. On this lake in summer and down Fla. way in winter. Would rather get caught out on the stream fishin’ in badass weather down south than up here!!!

  7. CSF says:

    You’re working too hard, Barry. With more time off you and the Mrs. can see the world from a real bad-ass boat:

  8. Cato says:

    Where are the customer’s bow riders? (sorry, couldn’t resist).

    • True story: This 2006 240 Sundeck was a short sale — guy bought it, used it for a year or two, then stopped paying for it, took it out of the water. We had to get permission from the bank to buy it about $10,000 below list/blue book value. When we (my brother & I) got it, it was practically new, had 110 hours on it. The payments on it cost me $100 per month.

      I am not sure potential clients would wanna be seen in this — but for me, its a great first boat.