Via, Real Time Economics, here is the latest scorecard on who supports the leading two Fed Chief candidates:


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Source: Real Time Economics

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16 Responses to “Summers vs. Yellen Scorecard: Who’s Supporting Whom?”

  1. Francisco Bandres de Abarca says:

    Alternately, the question in certain circles may be, “Who will more effectively provide cover for a dysfunctional Congress?”

  2. The Window Washer says:

    Lawrence Yun is for Summers and he’s missed every call he’s ever made.
    Yellen it is!
    There is a God.

  3. cbatchelor says:

    Last on the list: Realtors prefer Summers. Really? OK, that’s all we need to know. Anyone but Summers.

  4. rd says:

    Which one will be filibustered by the GOP? Or both, just for fun?

  5. DeDude says:

    Not a single Senator supporting Summers? Seems like its time for the white house to jump on the band-wagon or risk being left behind.

  6. uncommon_cents says:

    Combine this info with the fact that TIME Magazine did a feature length article on Yellen, and I’d posit that there’s a 97% chance Yellen is the next Fed Chair(wo)man

  7. TerryC says:

    None of these fans/supporters matter except the 100 in the Senate. How about a straw poll chart of them, to gauge where they stand?
    Of course, most of them would lie to the pollsters, but they could use some mathematical tool to factor in their lying.

  8. wait, this is (yet, another) re-Run of..

    of course, EZer this one, no Pretense, of those (hackable) black box e-’Voting’ Machines, needed, right?

    better, this should be put to a Shareholder Vote, in ‘Plain View’ and all..

    really, I’m not sure Which? distraction–this, or the Ryan Braun/Alex Rodriguez ‘Tragi-Comedy’–Truly, ‘To Each according to His Need..’..

  9. croato87 says:

    Three weeks ago no one knew who Janet Yellen was. In 20 days article after article has dug up nothing but positive leadership qualities and superb decision-making. Truly the John Galt behind effective Fed policies. The choice should be clear.

  10. BennyProfane says:

    Obama will absolutely solidify his legacy as President of Wall Street if he appoints Summers, which is more than likely. I mean, I knew that whole hopey changey thing was total jive when he welcomed him into a powerful position in the White House. And, I can’t believe, after all this time, the guy hasn’t been buried in the Rose Garden. He must have some sort of strange hold on people that I just don’t get. I turn him off immediately when I see him blubbering on my TV set. The opposite of charming.

  11. Lander says:

    Lawrence Yun? Sean Snaith? That guy was the California version of David Lereah.

    Who is next to endorse Summers? Angelo Mozilo? Casey Serin?

  12. CitizenWhy says:

    Obama wants Summers. Summers it will be.

  13. DeDude says:

    The good news if Summers is nominated, is that Elizabeth Warren would get a huge public forum to dig into stuff like this from Barry’s Sunday reads:

    I am already getting all giggly thinking about Summers being grilled on national TV.

  14. Herman Frank says:

    Neither! Best kept secret in D/C!

    Barry Ritholz is invited by NSA to the White House to pull a name from a hat with 5 little carefully folded sheets of paper in it – each one with a meticulous seal of the President on it.

    With the Pres and the entire Fed Board present, Governor Bernanke shakes the hat and hands it to Barry. Barry reaches in, pulls out a little package and carefully opens it. “And the winner is ……. Timothy Geithner!”

    Roaring laughter, champagne glasses clinking, backslapping, anecdotes flying! How beautiful life is!

    Best kept secret!

    • DeDude says:

      If that happens, I sure hope Barry will demand to open the 4 other papers to ensure that they were not all saying the same ;-)