Nice set of charts from Floyd Norris this weekend that you may have missed:


The recovery is lumpy

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Source: NYT

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4 Responses to “Unemployment Declines, but Not Everywhere”

  1. Joe Friday says:

    Except it’s even worse in America, as the European countries don’t calculate unemployment the same way we do, as in no longer counting you as unemployed if you are jobless for more than a period of time, and counting some part-time work as full-time, etc.

    The OECD data equalizes such comparisons.

  2. Angryman1 says:

    Nope, it is worse in Europe thanks to there shoddy monetary system. The “U” series has been pretty much calculated the same way since 1948 with small changes here and there.

    America’s recession is in its latter stages. Now, you must understand, there is a difference between a “boom” and “recovered”. Getting to “recovered” isn’t that hard and nobody wants a boom right now. Took 7 years in in the 79-86 recession.

    • Joe Friday says:

      Nope, it is worse in Europe…


      Eh, I didn’t post that unemployment was worse in America than it is in Europe, merely that unemployment in America would be worse than the listed number, if it were calculated in the same manner as the Europeans do.

      The OECD data is rather clear.

  3. Thanks Barry, I haven’t seen this.
    Just would like to add that I really like content like this. Please keep adding more!