I am up in Maine with 50 fund managers strategist , with somewhat tenuous connection to the internet: WiFi router shot to a neighbor’s dish slingshot beamed to a Verizon Tower and on to the main trunk of the web.

It doesn’t take much of a nudge to knock the whole thing out of alignment.

24 hours without internet can make a boy twitchy.

More on the trip later . . .

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27 Responses to “Yay! Internet Access Restored!”

  1. chartist says:

    I can imagine being on a fishing trip in Maine: knock a few beer cans over and lose your internet connection.

  2. catman says:

    Have another shot… Of fresh air.

    • Bob is still unemployed   says:

      ‘s been a while since I’ve seen a Quicksilver Messenger Service reference. :)

  3. Rich in NJ says:

    I feel your pain (sort of). I just returned from a long weekend in Ithaca, and even though the Holiday Inn purportedly had internet access, it was often slower than dial-up, which made it virtually useless.

  4. BuildingCom says:

    Maine…. Gawd what a hideous place.

    • Have you ever been fishing on Grand Lake Stream?

      Delightful . . .

      • BuildingCom says:

        Have you ever been to that God forgotten state the other 10 frigid months of the year?

      • It can get cold this far northe in the winter . . .

      • BuildingCom says:

        Hence its’ hideousness.

      • WickedGreen says:

        God may very well have forgotten it, BC, but so have many of the crowds. We can agree it’s a long, long way from perfect, but fyi I’ve been working outdoors here since tax day and I will continue doing so until Halloween (probably later in coming years as our ‘growth’ changes the climate).

        I’m with catman … I’ll enjoy seeing the forest and the trees; heck, I’ll even enjoy the ticks and mosquitos and the ice and the sleet – as they keep a lot of human sardines in traffic and parking lots, where I prefer them.

        btw, your abode wouldn’t be framed with timber, would it?

    • Bomber Girl says:

      BC, what makes you say that? I moved to Maine a few years back after living in some pretty decent places (NY, Paris, Italy….). Love it here. Lots of coast, beautiful mountains, neat culture scene is some spots and throw back rural life in others. Of course, sketchy internet in some remote places, but that’s not always a bad thing.

      • BuildingCom says:

        Anyone who is someone left new england years ago and never went back for good reason. I still have no good reason to go back.

        And how much can one “love it here” when the weather is lousy 10 months out of the year?

      • maddog2020 says:

        wow, what paradise did you move too? You must have a pretty narrow comfort range. Is your new home habitable without air conditioning?

        And given that the state is full of plates from MA, NY, PA, NH, CT, NJ, OH, FL, GA, etc etc etc for the two months you are referring to, I tend to prefer the OTHER 10 months here.

      • BuildingCom says:

        “Full of plates” heh?

        And are those plates there the other 10 months of the year? NOPE.

        And why is that?

  5. woolybear1 says:

    Have some fun Barry. Can’t wait to hear about the discussions.

  6. Francisco Bandres de Abarca says:

    Boy, that brings back memories of the time when an overly frisky bull moose took out my COMSAT link, not too far outside of Presque Isle. I was darned lucky that I had a couple Elkhounds with me to make that thing skedaddle. If you could have seen the look in the eyes of that moose . . . whew! . . . it wanted me real bad. And I wasn’t even in estrus! Wait a minute . . . I’ve never been in estrus.

  7. Frilton Miedman says:

    As a young child I lived about 60 miles south, along the coast, Searsport.

  8. scone says:

    Maine is dreadful, the armpit of the universe, run away, run away…. ssssshhhhhhh– I’m looking for property there ;)

    • BuildingCom says:

      Considering there is a state full of it that nobody really wants, you should have no problem.

  9. PrahaPartizan says:

    BR, hope that you get to overdose on that fresh Maine air. We can all use the jolt. My spouse and I could use a little time down at Schoodic Point just watching the surf pound against the granite and basalt rock formations. It puts everything into perspective when one contemplates continental drift and the forces involved.

    Forget about those jokes about Maine’s cold. I will confess fellow I worked with many years ago who came from up in northern central Maine did mention his Texas-born spouse complained about snow flurries she experienced at one of his family’s 4th of July parties. Even he thought that was extreme. That’s story’s truth too.

    • BuildingCom says:

      Snow in July is no joke. If my mind serves me right, I watched snow fall from the sky from my living room in Lewiston in June 1995.

  10. Bomber Girl says:

    If you don’t like the cold, you won’t like living in Maine. Doesn’t mean it’s bad weather, it’s winter weather. At least the sun still shines in the winter, though, in contrast with some places where it goes gray from november through march.

  11. Bomber Girl says:

    As they say in Maine, hard tellin’ not knowin’.

    I live here. I think I know the weather. I do believe you have skeddadled. Stay warm.

    • BuildingCom says:

      I was born and raised there, 4th generation. You’re an uninformed outsider who we took for a ride.

      • Bomber Girl says:

        You sound bitter. Sorry to hear it. I’m enjoying your home state immensely.

        Or maybe you are just trying to keep others away so you can have it all to yourself. ;)