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10 Labor Day Reads

Posted By Barry Ritholtz On September 2, 2013 @ 8:30 am In Financial Press | Comments Disabled

Happy Labor Day. Instead of working, you should be enjoying these reads:

• 15 Biases That Make You Do Dumb Things With Your Money (Fool.com [1])
• The Big Danger: Overreliance on Stocks Quant pioneer Clifford Asness thinks bonds are expensive but don’t constitute a bubble, and stocks are a little pricey, too. (Barron’s [2]) but see Kelly: For Investors, No Need to Duck. Just Diversify. (NYT [3])
• Invest with Warren Buffett’s five-year plan: Choose a portfolio you could hold for half a decade (MarketWatch [4])
• Four Reasons the Fed Should Start Tapering in September (Moneybeat [5]) but see Four Reasons the Fed Shouldn’t Taper Just Yet (Moneybeat [6])
• Jack Dorsey’s Plan to Save America’s Struggling Cities (Businessweek [7])
• New York to Seattle Buyers Tap Brakes After Rates Rise (Bloomberg [8]) see also Housing fix has strong enemies (LA Times [9])
• So, What Is Economics Good For? (The Ticker [10])
• Rx: Human Nature: How Behavioral Economics Is Promoting Better Health Around the World (Harvard Business School [11])
• Private Lobbyists Get Public Pensions in 20 States (Associated Press [12])
• Everybody Loves Cephalopods (Boing Boing [13])

What are you barbecuing today?


Low interest rates lead to wildly fluctuating asset prices
APricesIRates [14]
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