My once-again-belated-thank-to-the-LIRR-not-so-early morning reading:

• The Dow Jones industrial average is ridiculous (Wonkblog) see also Big Changes Come to the Dow (Fox)
• Granville Was Market Timer With Flair (WSJ)
• When Rates Rise (Research Puzzle Pix) see also Why Bill Gross is doomed to lose money but not you (MarketWatch)
• Once-Voracious Zell Puts Less on Real-Estate Plate (WSJ)
• China is growing faster, again, in the same old ways (FT Alphaville) but see The BRICs party is over (VoxEU)
• A Trading Frenzy Over Oh-So-Hot LinkedIn Shares (DealBook)
• SEC Decides to Let Lehman Stay Dead (Matt Levine) see also 5 Years Later, We’ve Learned Nothing From the Financial Crisis (Atlantic)
Sullivan: The President Makes The Case (The Dish)
• Thoughts and Observations on Today’s iPhone 5C and 5S Introduction (Daring Fireball) see also TWO MINUTES, FIFTY-SIX SECONDS (stratēchery)
• Your Annual Reminder to Ignore the U.S. News & World Report College Rankings (Atlantic)

What are you reading?


The Rich Get Richer Through the Recovery
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7 Responses to “10 Wednesday AM Reads”

  1. DeDude says:

    We are getting closer to the default seiling and a lot of people think the GOP will fold and find another thing to use for holding the US hostage. I would not rule anything out.

    What would you call someone who purchases products and services from a business and then when that business asks to be paid, the answer is: “I am not going to pay you and there is no way you can make me pay you”?

    A THUG !

    Well this is the kind of thuggery that the Teaparty want’s the government to commit. So the question is whether the United States of America is a thug? According to them the answer seem to be yes. So are they right, or do they simply have no idea of the values of this proud country?

    • Icouldabenacontendah says:

      It is mystifying to identify what is conservative about insisting that you won’t pay your bills.

  2. Herman Frank says:

    May I suggest to the readers to check for the standing/rating/evaluation of universities and (community-) colleges the listing provided by The Washington Monthly:

    My preference is the “Best Bang for the Buck Rankings”.

    Good luck on spending your money on the education of Junior!

  3. Stock Soup says:

    While stratēchery is a little over the top in it’s bind love for the 5C, they have a point.

    Apple has an amazing brand. So much so it will sell 5Cs at super high margins. Way higher than Motorola (Google) or Samsung.

    While I personally won’t pay an additional $300 for the same quality phone (as the Nexus 4), many people will.

    That’s why I own the stock. Cash flow. It’s OK to be number two in volume, especially if Apple can command such a huge premium for it’s product.

  4. willid3 says:

    why doesnt the NSA spy on bankers and wall street? maybe cause they pay better?

  5. willid3 says:

    health care in the US.

    not just in Texas do we seem to have problems keeping doctors from maiming and killing. seems more national than that.