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JPM fine


$11 Billion Fine? Just a Cost of Doing Business for JPMorgan: Ritholtz
Jeff Macke
Breakout – Thu, Sep 26, 2013

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7 Responses to “$11 Billion Fine? Just a Cost of Doing Business”

  1. Been Around 1963 says:

    $11 billion is just for mortgage securities, it excludes investigations related to the London Whale, energy trading manipulation, AML violations for the Madoff Fund, or the evidence showing that Dimon misled investors about the London Whale 18 months ago. These weren’t mistakes.

  2. Moss says:

    Cost of doing bad business but with absolutely no accountability. Nothing will change at these cartels until someone has to really pay, either behind bars or in claw backs.

  3. A says:

    Well, Wall Street does operate in the ethics-free zone.

  4. NoKidding says:

    We are a post biblical culture, but a review of minor prophet Hosea is presents interesting context.

    In the falling days of Israel (It having split with Judah, allied with Egyptians, and paid tribute to Asyrrians) , lonely Hosea vents much frustration that the role of the Levites is compromised by conflict of interest. The sacrifices for restitution have become agreeable to the transgressors and covetted by the priests. Sin is cultivated with mutual benefit for the wicked and the watchment.

    The concept has plagued legalists for thousands of years, and moralists have stood around uselessly bitcking about it for roughly the same span.

  5. Frilton Miedman says:

    I know, without question, that I speak for the majority of Americans when I say It disgusted me hearing GOP members claim “the American people don’t want more regulations…” back when Dodd-Frank was being debated.

    Same with Healthcare, while the GOP cites polls of those unsatisfied with Obamacare, they refuse to acknowledge 50% of those dissatisfied are unhappy because it doesn’t go far enough.

    One of countless examples of why Antonin Scalia and others at the SCOTUS have RUINED America by conflating bribery as “free speech”.

    Officials have NO concern with justice or representing their constituents when 95% of all elections are won by the candidate with the most money.

  6. DrSandman says:

    Why does Sarbanes-Oxley (sp?) not apply? Dimon signed the 10K’s under penalty of law. Why isn’t he sharing a jail with John Corzine?

    Wha? …What? Corzine’s not in jail?

  7. illyia says:

    I will always love Jeff Macke for his “There are only two positions in this market: Cash and fetal.” Got him blacklisted on CNBC; but earned him a pass into heaven.
    Nice discussion. It is good to see some actual discourse on JPM, The Fortress.