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4 Responses to “Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat”

  1. Herman Frank says:

    A knock on the door. Sounds kind of urgent …. Casey puts down his breakfast bagel and walks to the door, looks through the spy-glass and sees “a suit”. Hmm, doesn’t look bad, and opens the door. The suit looks at him and smiles. “Morning Sir! I’m from NSA and I would like to invite you to follow me to town-hall!”

    Casey almost chokes on his bagel and says “On my bike?!” To which the suit says, “No Sir, we’ve got the Crown Victoria right here for you, please come with me.” Ooops!! Sounds urgent, sounds like he means it!

    Casey gets his jacket and accompanies the suit. Mysteriously, the waters of traffic part in front of the car and they’re in town hall in no time. Up the escalator they go, echoing corridors they walk. People looking out of doorways and hastily shutting them. The NSA is on the go! “Poor bastard!”

    The suit knocks on a dark looking door, and a “come-in!” is heard. They enter the office of a strangely-familiar looking man. OOOOPS! There’s a big-wig cop rising from the couch, and “Hey! The other cop rising is the one who gave me the $50 ticket!!”

    The familiar looking guy looks like a million dollars and stretches out his hand. “Nice to meet you, I’m Mayor Bloomberg!” Casey goes red and white in quick succession and sticks out his sweaty hand. “Nice to meet you too Sir!”

    Mayor Bloomberg says “Casey, I was informed by NSA about your video and the $50 ticket you got for not biking on the bike paths. Sorry! Inspector “grumble, grumble” and Officer “ticket-thy-neighbor” here would like to apologize to you for this overreaction and pay you two times $50 out of there own pockets for the trouble …. of course with their apologies”.

    The Inspector and Officer hastily come over with $50 each, start shaking Casey’s hand as if their careers depend on it and apologize for the inconvenience.
    Mayor Bloomberg intones ” …. And we have issued an order that the streets are to be equally shared by all citizens, be they on a bike or in a car or on foot ….”

    Casey smiles and says “Thank you Mayor Bloomberg, for your fair and equal handling of the situation.”

  2. Moopheus says:

    Here in MA at least, a cyclist has the right to use the whole lane. For one thing, many streets don’t have a bike lane. Also, you couldn’t make a left turn on most streets if you can’t take the lane. Bike lanes are good in practice, segregating the bike and car traffic helps keep things moving more smoothly and safely. But crossing out of one is not a ticketable offence. But then here, the cops can’t even be bothered to stop bikes from running reds, which is what they should do. Actually, I guess they don’t do that in New York either. But that’s NYPD for you: hassle you for something you can legally do, ignore actual infractions.

  3. Wonderful video . . . I have to say, here in Seattle bike lanes can be one of the most dangerous places to , well, bike . . . I do a lot of biking and it’s a rare outing where I don’t have a close call . . . indeed, three weeks ago a car in a hurry made a left turn right into me, leaving me and my bike in a state of major disrepair.

    Casey Neistat must be awfully robust and maybe a little bit nuts for being able to do that video.

  4. oldbluejeans says:

    We have bike lanes here in Florida also, but cyclists may, if necessary, take the entire vehicle lane. In my view, the biggest improvement in safety for cyclists will come from educating auto drivers as to the rights of cyclists. And while we are at it, educating the police as well.