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3 Responses to “Classic Rewind: Fear vs. Facts on Lehman (2008)”

  1. maspablo says:

    i was watching this live , and Ill never forget when Gasparino said who you going to believe Einhorn , Barry Ritholtz or the (‘great thief’ ) DickFuld . (with contempt and certainity ) Einhorn and Barry had no confidence in Lehman , Gasparino had to attach the messenger . My respect of Gasparino was waning , but that put the nail in the coffin . The only attention Ive paid to him since then , was to watch him make an ass of himself .

  2. VennData says:

    Notice how ever since they got rid of Dennis Kneale CNBC’s ratings have been in a constant decline?

    They should bring him back for a couple hours a day to give the Obama-has-ruined-America crowd something to hang their mesh ball cap on. Call it “Captain America is Back!”