With rumors flying that Jack Nicholson will be retiring from his career of almost 60 years, we got a little nostalgic for some of his best moments. There’s a lot of innuendo, even more cursing, a whole lot of yelling, and we appreciate every bit of it.



NSFW: We’ll Never Let Go, Jack!

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5 Responses to “Jack Nicholson Retiring ?”

  1. contrabandista13 says:


  2. 873450 says:

    “I move around a lot because things tend to get bad when I stay.”
    Nicholson’s drifter explaining himself to his paralyzed, mute father
    Five Easy Pieces

  3. swag says:

    Not like you asked, but I consider the holy quad to be

    The Last Detail
    Five Easy Pieces
    Carnal Knowledge
    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

    Others make great cases for

    Easy Rider
    The Shining

    Let’s not forget his role in bringing The Monkees’ “Head”, arguably the most subversive film on the 60ss, to fruition

  4. Chad says:

    For actors, writers, and anyone that doesn’t require someone else to employ them in a day-to-day job, it always seems odd to hear that they are retiring. They always seem to come out at some point for that perfect role, so there is still hope.

  5. swag says:

    From “Carnal Knowledge”, the profoundly depressing finale, Ballbusters on Parade