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17 Responses to “Map Shows How Americans Really Feel About Each Other”

  1. pinotcanoz says:

    Left and Right coasters envy AZ because of Best Weather. Let the stereotype rebuttals begin!

  2. lippard says:

    Arizona is in the top 5 for “worst scenery”? Really? Having just rafted down the Colorado River this summer, I beg to differ…

  3. sherparick says:

    The Wierdness of Arizona as being in the top 5 for worst scenery: I think it is because of 2 reasons. First, Phoenix and the Phoenix Airport, which had to be one of the ugliest places I ever flew through, might be the way most people see Arizona. Second, the geographic ignorance of Americans who forget that the Grand Canyon, along with Monument Valley, the Petrified Forest, and the Painted Desert (to list 4 of the top five) are in Arizona.

    Perhaps, also since Arizona’s way of getting in the news the last 10 years has been its ugly politics, perhaps that has rubbed off on the state.

    • Francisco Bandres de Abarca says:

      No kidding! When you approach Monument Valley out of Kayenta in the evening light, it is just incredible. (And if you get a chance to try some Navajo fry bread when you’re in the neighborhood, I recommend you do so. Navajo yum bread is more like it.)

      And the Grand Canyon . . . it’s trite to say that photographs do not do it justice, but it is very true. You cannot appreciate the scale of it all unless you *experience* it. The Painted Desert is an almost alien landscape. And if you’re driving east out of Blythe, California on I-10, you encounter some really magnificent, grand vistas.

      • Chad says:

        Another reason is trees. Most Americans have trees as a major part of their scenery. Trees make all scenery at least decent. While, the desert can have very spectacular sights (Grand Canyon, Red Rocks, etc.) , it has terrible consistency in views because it doesn’t have trees. I would much rather see the Northeast’s rolling hills of trees than a handful of really great vistas inter-spaced by dead dry dirt and sand.

  4. Chief Tomahawk says:


    Certain parts of states fit these descriptions while other parts of the same state are often quite different. The rolling hills of southern Ohio along the Ohio River are quite scenic and, given the milder temps of the Ohio River Valley, should be a top bicycling destination for the country.

  5. chartist says:

    I grew up in western PA. Western PA sports fans are some of the best, much better than eastern PA. Indiana has the ugliest residents by far, not Kentucky. I don’t mean unattractive, I mean ugly to the bone. I now live in Ohio and the scenery is terrible.

    • Chad says:

      I grew up in western PA too. The sports fans are massively annoying. Winning a Superbowl and World Series in the same year almost 40 years ago is not something they should still be talking about. And, I’m still a Steelers fan.

  6. Francisco Bandres de Abarca says:

    Absolutely! Places like Millersburg, Coshocton, New Lexington, all the down to the Ohio River–just beautiful, rolling countryside. Southwestern Wisconsin is beautiful in that way as well. (More cheese choices, though. Try the Havarti.)

  7. LiberTea says:

    Many Texans would love to oblige

  8. Chad says:

    The most perfect description is Texas’.

  9. wrongwy says:

    The best part about this map is that it provokes reactions to how nonsensical the voting is.

    • ancientone says:

      I think the giveaway that this is useless information is that it comes under the heading of Psychology in Business Insider, not experiential knowledge. I was in Alaska for two weeks last summer and had some of the most wonderful food I have ever eaten. How many of the voters have ever been to all the states they are voting on?

  10. hankest says:

    As a life long NYer, i think they got NY pretty much dead on. I hate those arrogant schmucks from Plattsburgh and Elmira.

  11. flipspiceland says:

    The Merry Minuet,

    They’re rioting in Africa,
    They’re starving in Spain.
    There’s hurricanes in Florida,
    And Texas needs rain
    The whole world is festering
    With unhappy souls.
    The French hate the Germans,
    The Germans hate the Poles;
    Italians hate Yugoslavs,
    South Africans hate the Dutch,
    And I don’t like anybody very much!
    But we can be tranquil
    And “thankfill” and proud,
    For man’s been endowed
    With a mushroom-shaped cloud.
    And we know for certain
    That some lovely day
    Someone will set the spark off,
    And we will all be blown away!
    They’re rioting in Africa,
    There’s strife in Iran.
    What nature doesn’t do to us
    Will be done by our fellow man

  12. BuildingCom says:

    New England underrated? LOLZ.

    Apparently those polled know nothing about NE.