This is the first time the carbon, black P1 has been shown undisguised and on the road.

And McLaren will only make 375 models of the P1, so it will be one of the most exclusive cars of modern times.

Which makes it all the sexier.

For testing, McLaren took it to the track, too.

The P1 is the successor to the F1, which was the fastest production car when it was first made in the late '90s.

The newcomer won't be faster than the current champ, the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, but it will be incredibly powerful.

And McLaren says it's designed to be a "driveable car" — so non-professionals won't immediately crash it.

To put the P1 to the test, McLaren headed to the deserts of California, Nevada, and Arizona.

Source: Business Insider

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4 Responses to “McLaren P1 (Yours for Only $1.1 Million Dollars)”

  1. Tahoe says:

    thanks Barry. I appreciate your foray to cars on Sat. mornings. The cars of today are advancing technology and materials use. Mclaren is certainly a technology leader. The P1 is gorgeous from my perspective – I saw on a women’s health and fitness site – they had a picture of this black beast with the caption – Yup – she does her squats religiously!

  2. krice2001 says:

    Gotta be a blast to drive… I have a new 328i X Drive and it provides sufficient excitement for now. But it’s not a McLaren…

  3. willid3 says:

    a cool car! how about a Porsche 918? or a BMW I8? or a Tesla S? or a Bugatti?

    here is a video of the P1