I wanted to suggest the following documentary:  Money For Nothing.  Trailer is below  (Yeah, I have a few words in it).

Here’s are some reviews,:

“A timely, revealing documentary.” — Washington Diplomat

“… goes a long way to explaining the history of the Federal Reserve’s easy money policies” — Time

“revealing — and damning — indictments of mistakes the Fed made in the run-up to the crisis.” — Wall Street Journal

“A thoughtful, detailed chronicle of the Fed’s origins, responsibilities and shifting monetary policies.” — Variety

“If Fahrenheit 9/11 was Michael Moore’s seminal repudiation of George W. Bush’s foreign policy, ‘Money For Nothing’ is writer/director Jim Bruce’s similar critique of the history of The Federal Reserve.” — Business Insider

“Eye-opening, informative and detailed documentary” — IndieWire

“I advise President Barack Obama and his top economic advisers to immediately order up a private viewing of the trenchant and worrisome documentary film ‘Money For Nothing,’ before making a final decision on who the next chairman of the The Federal Reserve Bank is to be.” — Forbes

“A slick, thoughtful and alternately infuriating-and-funny documentary.” — Reuters

“It should be required viewing for the next generation of leaders, investors, and decision-makers.” — Minyanville

“A thrillingly dense documentary that will enlighten and infuriate” — CriterionCast

“Bruce has pulled together what may be the most reasoned, constructive and accessible documentary of the post-crisis genre.” — Reuters, Breakingviews

“should be required viewing for all of America’s citizens” — PA/PA Reviews

“What makes the film so convincing is its cast. There is not a single nut in the 104-minute film. It’s full of articulate economists and investors and, most importantly, Fed insiders.” — American Banker

Source: Rotten Tomatoes




Money For Nothing – Trailer from Liberty Street Films on Vimeo.


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3 Responses to “Saturday Night Cinema: Money For Nothing”

  1. No BS says:

    Great suggestion Barry,

    I just hope enough people go and watch it. I remember, when I went to see Inside Job (the movie) there very few people in the theater mostly over 40 y.o. I hope the colleges and schools encourage younger people to watch these movies…….hopefully it give them another perspective in life…..to make their lives better……

  2. orthehighway says:

    Saw it last weekend at the Quad in the West Village. Was expecting a narrow demographic but to my pleasure/surprise found a varied crowd Thought it seemed a bit too “pro-Yellin”, and the notion of a bubble in Treasuries was enhanced this week by Bulllard’s “obvious” comments on Friday.

  3. denim says:

    Thanks. I will be looking for it or at least the DVD. Meantime the trailer illustrates the blindness of many to the understanding of systems. Humans have several lab courses in systems that they carry everywhere that they go. Nervous system, digestive system, and visual system, to name just three. When on steps outside of the system, understanding begins. Note that all systems have inputs, functional processes, and then outputs. Many quoted in the trailer speak of the Fed as though it has none of these attributes. None.