Is Silicon Valley Preaching to the Choir?
Source: Is Silicon Valley Preaching to the Choir?

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7 Responses to “Silicon Valley Preaching to the Choir”

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  2. cbatchelor says:

    I question the basic idea here. Even electricity in homes started with the upper class with people who understood it. The upper class and tech leaders are where people look for new ideas. And not everyone understands Instagram or wants or needs to understand it to play with photos. And what’s wrong with a social site for people keen on dogs and cats?

  3. icantdance says:

    I am falling for the bait

    -twist (i prefer glympse), great for meeting people or for updating them on your slog through traffic without suffering driver distraction, sharing location is defined by user
    -driverless cars, (semi)-autonomous cars will increase highway safety, capacity, reduce gas consumption and increase productivity. yes current LIDAR ect, systems are expensive, but have already dropped dramatically.
    -nest, home heating\cooling is largest portion of residential energy use, this thing has great ROI even at $300
    -car share, we have many underemployed and we have too many cars, the nuances between the 4 i know not, but its a great idea

    ill give you the remaining ones for a straw man

  4. plm128 says:

    Barry – the SV sect is also creating their own food related ventures that only they can afford or want – who doesn’t mind $8 for a cupcake for $18 for a lobster roll (off a truck)

  5. Greg0658 says:

    Icantdance your ref to hvac peaked my attention so I clicked

    are we to think that posters can generate themselves from verbage ?

    anyway – if so – there goes another neighborhood….0…1ac.1.27.img..0.11.744.atUQ8kfAjKg

  6. InterestedObserver says:


    I’ll allow that new technical possibilities tend to create numerous ideas which, in hindsight, look ridiculous. That’s a given. In order to vet the ideas, money gets spent by people chasing the one which will gain traction.

    Where this whole Silicone Valley thing has gone off the rails into grifter land is (a) a whole collection of entrepreneurs who start with the decision to be a “founder” without a coherent idea of precisely what to found; (b) which generates oodles of derivative ideas (actually, no real problem here); (c) which then achieve apparent valuations on the delusional side; (d) and leads to a culture in which the goal is the exit payout, not the business created.

    On top of this, people need to think seriously about the rather small capital barriers to entry around any purely software based activity. They’re incredibly low as is the cost of a global footprint for any pure software product. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t great businesses, but it does mean that their expected lifetime tends to be short and valuations should reflect that, unless you’re going for an explicit greater fool play.