You know I love these sorts of things:

Dr. Ed Yardeni has a nice set of monster sentiment charts posted at his site. The link is Stock Market Indicators: Fundamental, Sentiment,. & Technical and its 20 pages of fun.


Fundie stock yardeni

courtesy of Yardeni Research, Inc. September 17, 2013.

Category: Sentiment, Technical Analysis

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10 Responses to “Stock Market Sentiment & Technical Indicators”

  1. Joel826 says:

    The link ito Stock Market Indicators: Fundamental, Sentiment,. & Technical is bad — 404 Error.

  2. ukarlewitz says:

    Very good stuff.

    Fixed link here:

  3. PeterR says:

    Nice chart, but FYI the YRI link is NG for additional charts.

    FYI — delete as needed.

    • PeterR says:

      Link is OK now. S&P 500 distance above MA(50) and MA(200) looks top-ish IMO. [Fig. 26 et seq.] Too bad the charts in Fig. 26 and Fig. 27 have different time scales right next to each other.

      SPX is approaching 322-week Bollinger Band, and daily BB(322) and BB(409), normally stopping/resting points in the last few years. [see p. 1 at link embedded in PeterR above]

  4. swag says:

    Dr. Y2K’s weekly faxes did get a lot of firms Y2K compliant back in 1999. For that, I salute him. Meanwhile, how’s that Fed Model workin’ out for ya?

  5. Frilton Miedman says:

    Of particular interest, the CRB relative to benchmark.

    Whether you’re a lunatic hiding in your basement with gold bullion and shot gun on hand, hell-bent on coming hyperinflation because of the Fed, or you simply observe the concept of Dogs of Dow/Dow theory – there’s some interesting spreads in commodities & materials vs other sectors.

  6. clipb says:

    Dr. Ed’s stuff is pretty good, lots of other chart categories on his site and, of course, there’s much more with the paid subscription. A lot of these charts are “noisy’ and lack serious correlation and predictability. If you like technical analysis, I would look at new highs confirming (or not) rallies. Ditto for the advanced/declines, up/down volume, trin, etc. also, given the huge rise in listed etfs and non-common stock yield products, it would be interesting to look at some of these measures for common stock only. Barry, since you’re starting a fund, it might well pay to track this stuff.

  7. [...] Stock market indicators: Fundamentals, technicals & sentiment (September 19, 2013) | Yardeni Res… AAII’s Bull/Bear ratio @ 1.51x is receding from the edge of a historically exuberant range (2-3x), but a low $VIX & $SPX Put/Call ratio remain. Some sectors show unprecedented spreads over their 200DMAs–even by pre-crisis 2007 standards: Highest above SMA- $XLV $XLI $XLY $XLB Lowest at/under SMA- $IYZ $XLU [Overall, this quantitative data is mildly bearish, bucking the bullish narrative that's overshadowed the wall of worry--from debt ceiling/government shutdown debates to the Fed's new, October QE taper. The key takeaway recommends a rotation out of the highest momentum sectors du jour.] #Bearish #Contrarian Indicators $DPG [...]