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7 Responses to “The True Size of Africa”

  1. Chief Tomahawk says:

    And the Sahara desert is about the size of the U.S. (*if Alaska is added).

  2. Alex says:

    It is true that most maps tend to make one think Africa is smaller than it actually is.

    One nit to pick, this would have been more interesting if they would have included ALL of the U.S.,which includes Alaska. That one state makes a big difference in total U.S. land mass. Total U.S. size would probably be pretty close to total sub-saharan Africa.

  3. faulkner says:

    Consider, if so few people apprehend these actual, easily verified, physical features of the world, how much more misled are they likely to be by immaterial ideas whether they are named (fill in your favorites) or (fill in your hated ones). Consider how little correspondence any of these mental maps and models may have to what is.

    There is hope, and it means leaving one’s familiar shores.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  4. BenE says:

    Africa has a vast amount of natural resources, huge amount of workers with a low average age and it’s one of the last place where they are willing to work for really cheap. There is huge upside potential for the african economy if they can get corruption under control.

    When the rest of the world gets out of liquidity traps and gets unemployment under control, the relatively unfavorable demographics of the more developed countries with their falling working age population will mean relying more on workers from places like africa.

    Right now we use African natural resources but companies have incentives to push the african people aside. However as there becomes an economic need for the african people, it’s going to be more difficult to marginalise them and that alone may help with the corruption problems.

    • BusSchDean says:

      Yikes! If correct this mean people queue up to be called for low wage jobs. There goes 50+ years of theories on economic development (for social and economic reasons).

  5. Bill in SF says:

    Just saw this tweet from Sci. American depicting 4 map projections.

    ChristiansenJen: Another gem from the @sciam archive (December, 1921 issue)

  6. david_12321 says:

    Putting things in perspective:
    “The African nation of Chad has 12 million people and just one psychiatrist, who is so poor he can’t afford A/C”

    - Noticed on fark right after reading this.

    Size is not everything. ;-)