Spotted in Cambodia — one handed food & beverage cup — perfect for those cocktail parties where you need a free greeting hand!

How do we not have this in the United States ?


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7 Responses to “The Ultimate Fast Food Cup”

  1. cjb says:

    If you just wear one of those beer hats, the ones with the can on top and the straw that comes down to the mouth, you’ve got a free hand to greet with. Or, maybe a camelback?

  2. newsagg says:

    we do have something like it. A plastic appetizer plate with a notch cut out to hold your wine glass, of course not so good for beer.

  3. ashpelham2 says:

    That’s pretty cool. But I can hear myself getting fatter just looking at it.

  4. bdw says:

    best way to eat on the back on the back of motorbike.

  5. For US serving sizes, the bup/cowl would have to be twice the height. And have a 3rd chamber for condiments.

  6. I love the design of this cup can any buddy tell me this is available on every fast food?