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US Health Care vs The World

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12 Responses to “U.S. Health Care vs. The World”

  1. DeDude says:

    I guess its only private for profit hospitals that charge people $22 for a tylenol.

    Now with the new reimbursement rates where you can charge much more for the same procedure if doctors do them in hospitals rather than in their own clinics, be ready for another milking of the sick by big corporate health care.

  2. Petey Wheatstraw says:

    Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Frilton Miedman says:

    Fareed Zakaria did a phenomenal piece on this topic about 2 years ago, his conclusion was that the privatized healthcare with a socialized payment system of the U.S. is becoming an empirically proven failure.

    It’s a death warrant for 20 to 30 thousand Americans every year who die of preventable illness, it’s killing our global competitiveness via costs of labor, the #1 cause of personal bankruptcy, the largest contributor to our Federal deficit.

    The root cause of the whole problem is the same as with TBTF’s & financials, big oil, privatized prisons, defense contractors and every other ongoing perversion of Democracy & free market capitalism that’s crushing America – ,money in politics, legalized bribery.

    I hate to keep coming back to the money in politics topic, but if you really think about it, it really is the root of every major problem our country now has….we all witnessed it in action in 2009 as the healthcare sector fought tooth and nail to flood the public with propaganda about “Socialism”, “Death panels” and “Government takeovers”.

  4. farmera1 says:

    Doesn’t everyone know we have the best health care system in the world. IMHO it is completely designed to extract the most money from the public with the support of the Congress. In that sense it is the best health care system in the world. So why change a good thing. Just like the banks, we can’t regulate derivatives because they are so profitable. We can’t really change the health care system because so many make so much from it. Results, that is another question entirely, we’re way down the list on just about all results.

    No if you can afford to go to Mayo Clinic (where the doctors are paid a salary, not piece work like just about all doctors in the US) you can get the best care probably in the world. Costs a lot to get to Mayo, so it is pretty limited to only those with money. Other than that the Health Care “system” in the US sucks, and is going to bankrupt the US or as many wish we’ll be a third world country where truly only the rich (1%ers) can afford good health care, the rest will be left to die in the streets.

  5. Our “Health Ins Companies” can be stopped dead in their tracks in their denials and partially paid claims.
    I have done it on over a dozen denied and or partially paid claims. If the health ins company could not deal with ONE person, me, insisting upon in full payment and gettin paid, can you imagine if millions of people put them thru the process I have and others I have shown, have done to them.

    It’s absolutely laughable as they come to their knees and pay you after telling you up & down, over & over, Mr. Glasser, you are not entitled to payment. Guess what? They paid me, over & over and it was so much fun to do this to them.

    Now, lets get all insured Americans on the band wagon & put these corporate geedies, to sleep.

    It’s as simple as David taking down Goliath

    • DeDude says:

      And that really isn’t any different from what you are mentioning on hospitals below. No matter how unfair just “give it a try” – there are always some people who will not fight back. It is pretty much standard procedure for insurance companies to deny even the most reasonable claims because a certain % of people denied will not fight back. The fact that it hurts the most vulnerable people is not a problem to them; because although companies according to the Supreme Court are people, they are soul-less sociopathic people.

  6. For those who do not have health ins, understand that a hospital is just a business like any other business. They are just trying to hit you with their biggest number and know that you will submit and accept it. NO WAY! There are so many easy ways to slash the size of the bill they have presented you with. Believe me when I tell you, I and others have done it and once again it is laughable when you put them thru the changes and they are forced to slash their bill to you.

  7. Chef Jeff Tendick says:

    As one who is dying from cancer, and who has been treated very nicely by the United States health care system, I must protest that indeed it is far too costly and doctors seem to order tests merely to avoid litigation. I’ve lived in some of the nations indicated above, and can say that in my personal experience, we generally have rather nice hospitals, too many computers in doctors’ hands, and not enough empirical knowledge in the brains of our medical staff members.

    Not all diseases have cures. And one day we must all die. As for me, I am pleased to live in this century and not 100 or 200 years ago. However, if it were in my power, I might like to try 2,000 years from now, if indeed we do evolve and become more wise than we currently are.


  8. Donald says:

    The reason it’s so expensive is that our system is not health care; it is disease management. If you are healthy and take care of yourself, nobody makes any money. There has to be a vested interest and profitability in keeping people healthy for us to see any change. Medical bankruptcies are not getting press lately, but are rising at an alarming rate. If you a terminal illness here in the states, you will have to choose to keep your home or your life. You can’t have both.

  9. lrh says:

    Are these numbers reliable? Are the all comparisons “apples to apples?” Are all costs tracked and hidden factors accounted for? Who checked the survey math and all the projections? Have we explored the disconfirming evidence and answered questions without ad hominem and appeals to authority?

    Every time I open this can of worms I get a lot of arm waving and hysteria. That makes me suspicious.

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  11. tootru says:

    Who knew Columbia University was big enough to rate as a country? Go figure.

    (If you’re talking about the place in South America, it’s Colombia with two o’s and no u’s.)