Good Saturday morning! Here are my longer form, weekend reading:

• 5 years after financial crash, many losers — and some big winners (Los Angeles Times) see also Where Is Dick Fuld Now? Finding Lehman Brothers’ Last CEO (Businessweek)
• What Matters Most:  Building a larger 401(k) balance. (Morningstar)
• Buffaloed by Boredom and Bernanke (Alpine Advisor)
On Muppets & Merchandise: How Jim Henson Turned His Art into a Business (Longreads)
• Financing the Federal Government with Inflation-Protected Securities (Noahpinion) but see Is the Nation-State Dying? (Chronicle)
Public Enemies: Social Media Is Fueling Gang Wars in Chicago (Wired)
• The STEM Crisis Is a Myth (IEEE Spectrum) see also What’s So Special About Star Engineers? (Priceonomics)
• The Psychiatric Drug Crisis: US sales of psychiatric drugs > $70 Billion in 2010 (New Yorker)
Parallel worlds: If human history turns on the tilt of the multiverse, can we still trust our ideas of achievement, progress and morality? (aeon)
• Taxonomy: The spy who loved frogs (Nature)

Whats up for the weekend?


A boon for the banks
Source: Los Angeles Times


Category: Financial Press

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5 Responses to “10 Weekend Reads”

  1. catman says:

    Getting a little chilly in the morning round here. This weekend the MPGA Combination. 118 two man teams playing 9 holes of best ball, 9 holes of scramble and 9 holes of alternate shot. Fore!

  2. willid3 says:

    a few pertinent for those obsessing over the deficit.
    what was the deficit on October 1st 2001?
    what was the Federal government deficit or surplus for that year? what was the CBO’s estimate of when it will be paid off?
    what was the deficit or October 1st 2009?
    what was it on October 1st 2012? same day 2013?
    what happened to it between October 1st 2009 and October 1st 2012?

  3. Jojo says:

    Extend your imagination a bit and think of the many possibilities going forward. Not pretty at all.
    German Pirate Party Uses Drone to Crash Angela Merkel Event
    By Jason Bittel
    Posted Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013, at 2:12 PM

  4. Jojo says:

    I’ve never seen/heard of this before. Looks very cool!