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Here’s the details:

“Since 2010, the National Security Agency has been exploiting its huge collections of data to create sophisticated graphs of some Americans’ social connections that can identify their associates, their locations at certain times, their traveling companions and other personal information, according to newly disclosed documents and interviews with officials.

The spy agency began allowing the analysis of phone call and e-mail logs in November 2010 to examine Americans’ networks of associations for foreign intelligence purposes after N.S.A. officials lifted restrictions on the practice, according to documents provided by Edward J. Snowden, the former N.S.A. contractor.

The policy shift was intended to help the agency “discover and track” connections between intelligence targets overseas and people in the United States, according to an N.S.A. memorandum from January 2011…”

Welcome Comrade Putin to our Capitalist paradise!

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9 Responses to “Welcome to the Security State, America”

  1. Takeyourfinger says:

    We’re basically trading off convenience for privacy. I don’t think anyone is going back to paper and libraries, but we can reduce our digital footprints in other ways, such as the use of cash instead of plastic, and the use of Jenny’s number (from the song) for discounts instead of a discount card. Jenny’s number… your area code and 867-5309. Seems to work everywhere. Funny reactions when you use it… either it flies over someone’s head, or they bust up laughing.

    • Lyle says:

      Further if you have the time, first class mail has several advantages. 1 Its legal status is clear since it has been around a while. Second there is no requirement to put a return address on the letter, so all they would know is that the mail came from some regional processing center, and possibly which mail box. One could also use your area code and 555 1212 which is the or 555 0000 to 555 0199 which are all approved fictional numbers.

  2. Every time you turn around it’s another revelation that puts the lie to the assurances from spinmeisters like Clapper and Feinstein et al. that we have nothing to be concerned about . . . the problem is not only with the NSA, but the people who run it or provide oversight . . . they no longer have any credibility. Snowden should not be the focus of our ire . . . these people should. Snowden’s a whistle blower as far as I’m concerned.

  3. postpartisandepression says:

    So my question is why don’t we have an NRA that a) recognizes this is a threat to our rights ( the government wants to take away your privacy) and b) will take them on? My guess is there is too much much money in it.

  4. Francisco Bandres de Abarca says:

    And yet, despite all their connectedness, technical prowess and sophisticated algorithm-driven analysis, they still haven’t discovered that I am the greatest threat that planet Earth has ever confronted. Mwah-ha-haa-a-a! Why do I even trifle with such a pathetic adversary? Silly humans.

    DAMN! I fear I’ve just blown my oh-so-clever cover.

    Now I must go forth and lie in wait for millennia on some other unsuspecting planet. I hate when this happens.

  5. LiberTea says:

    I don’t see the block for Facebook in the diagram.

  6. stonedwino says:

    “Ze paperz pleaze” This is beyond fucking disturbing…I was born in the former Yugoslavia and I certainly did not become an American to deal with this crap from my government.

  7. ottnott says:

    Bummer for you, Barry. The NSA has you linked to all of your unsavory readers.

    Every time one of us uses one of the 658,000 words on NSA’s list of terror-related terms, you get one step closer to a guaranteed search in the TSA private room every time you fly.


  8. Herman Frank says:

    You’re giving too much credit to Comrade Putin!

    A better comparison would be Eastern Germany in its sociopath schizophrenic paranoid heyday under Erich Honecker. The VoPo and Stasi accumulated a “spy on your neighbor”-based archive ON PAPER of some 33 million pages … for a population of 16 million.

    Watch the 2006-movie “The lives of others”, and see where this little NSA-project is leading us. Despicable!