“The Big Picture” blogger and Fusion IQ CEO Barry Ritholtz looks back at the events of 2008 and makes the case for the true legacy of the financial collapse.

Ritholtz: Did Anyone Learn From the Financial Crisis?

Running Time 4:26 9/10/2013 10:35:11 AM

Source: WSJ

Category: Bailout Nation, Bailouts, Video

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6 Responses to “WSJ: What Did We Learn From the Financial Crisis?”

  1. louiswi says:

    Did Anyone Learn From the Financial Crisis?

    Yes! The banksters learned they can now get away with murder!

  2. RW says:

    Spot on conclusion: Convincing (if that is the right word) the SEC and DOJ that prosecuting frauds committed by the leadership of TBTF institutions would lead to financial chaos was the big sell and the big lie of the 2008 debacle.

  3. Moss says:

    Mutually Assured Destruction.. that was the story line. Henry Paulson getting on his knees was great theater. They all got swept away with the rescue .. the real cause was denied.

  4. crawlars says:

    Is it not obvious by now that the moneyed elite engineer boom and bust and have bought legislation that prevents loss? it not all about the literally dictating the velocity and magnitude of accumulation?
    I wonder why games are even played in markets…why not just dictate ducats to their account via the FED directly…like gods?
    Have “we” learned” anything? Yes, that the public is powerless to prevent anything and the greed of the transnational uber-rich is dimensionless.

  5. Herman Frank says:

    Biggest innovation in finance – “You prosecute us and we’ll set off the bombs in the system. We’ll all go up in smoke!”

    So what happened to that wonderful corporate governance rule to have a deep bench of reserves to fill up management “when they leave us”?

    Mind-boggling that the SEC and Justice Dept would give in to this kind of emotional hostage-taking! Because they would have walked in the sun with butter on their head? They would be hit by mud when a tit-for-tat would erupt in the courts? Some of their own would have come out looking “incompetent”?

    Mind you, BR and MoneyBeat evaluate “after 5 years”!
    In the past, evaluations of major events would percolate to the surface after 15 – 20 years, with the release of hush-hush documents.

    That’s another lesson we can take from this debacle – in these days of blogs, twits and SMS the turn-around-time to be judged is barely around the corner. The ONLY way for an SEC or Justice Department to survive that scrutiny is to be above-board principled and honest. Not “sleaze-ball principled” and “lobbying-honest” – you will be caught out! AND YES (!) free press, as exemplified by BR, will shoot holes in the re-writing of history as per the financial industry.