My afternoon train reading:

• Nearly 50% Of All Home Sales Now Cash, As Institutional Investor Activity Hits New High (Forbes) see also  Families Blocked by Investors From Buying U.S. Homes (Bloomberg)
• 5 signs the market bulls are wrong (MarketWatch)
• Treasuries Risk Shown as Fed Distorts Stocks Correlation (Bloomberg) see also In Fed and Out, Many Now Think Inflation Helps (NY Times)
• Krugman’s Theory of Interstellar Trade (Scientific American)
• Happy Centennial, Federal Income Tax (Economix) see also Reagan Revolution Misses Tax Fiefdoms Flourishing in U.S. (Bloomberg)
• Greenspan Has Left the Building by J. Bradford DeLong (Project Syndicate)
• A meeting at a posh Caribbean resort led to a friendship that would later form the foundation of a 15.6% stake in Twitter (WSJ) see also Kass: I’d Pay $32.50 a Share for Twitter (WSJ) Takeaway: Kass should spend more time in Caribbean
• Everybody Knows You’re a Dog (Boing Boing)
• Apple Sales Set to Show Mobile Shift Lifting Tech (Bloomberg) see also Why Apple should tell Carl Ikahn to go jump (WSJ)
• Kareem: How Boys Become Men (Esquire)

Whats are you reading?


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6 Responses to “10 Monday PM Reads”

  1. willid3 says:

    i often wondered why we have so many school districts. or at least why not combine back office functions of them? that was brought when Texas had a huge budget hole, and was cutting school spending to address that hole. now you would think that fixing such a hole, by combining school districts in major cities, or in rural areas, so that back office expenses would be lowered. but no, our glorious leaders didnt do that. so they really dont want to cut expenses as much as cut spending for others. spending they like, is just fine!

  2. rj chicago says:

    Mark Hanson has a good site regarding the current housing market out west.

  3. Feinstein has been one of the most staunch supporters of the NSA, arguing that its practices were lawful, necessary and receiving proper oversight. Yet the fact that the White House had no idea Merkel was an NSA target puts the lie to that, and also raises the question what Feinstein and other lawmakers who were responsible for oversight knew. The program and its apologists have no credibility.

    These latest developments add special emphasis to the fact none of this would have been discovered without Snowden’s revelations. The problem here isn’t Snowden, but the people who provided cover for an out-of-control program.

    “Ms. Feinstein, the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, said in a statement that she regards it as ‘a big problem’ that President Barack Obama wasn’t aware that Ms. Merkel’s communications had been a focus of the NSA surveillance since 2002.”

    White House Will Stop Spying on Allies, Feinstein Says (WSJ)