My morning reading:

• Best and Worst Investing Advice During the Shutdown (HuffPo)
• 20% YTD, is that Normal? (Mebane Faber)
• Stockbroker Arb Slates Wiped Clean 9 Out of 10 Times When “EXPUNGEMENT” Sought in Settled Cases (PIABAsee also Stockbroker Requests to Scrub Complaints Are Often Granted (WSJ)
• Sell Winners – Hold Losers?  (Seeking Wisdom)
• Stay Put, Young Man (Washington Monthly)
• Ten Trends the Washington Compromise Will Not Change at All (24/7 Wall St)
• The practice of practising (Telegraph)
• Twitter’s huge payday for early investors (Fortune)
• The Butterfly that Started the Apple Tsunami (Chris Fralic) see also PCs: Q3 Down 9%, Says Gartner; 2014 Likely Down Again (Barron’s)
• As largest star in Milky Way dies, fascinated scientists look on (Christian Science Monitor)

What are you reading?


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8 Responses to “10 Thursday AM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    Hey GOP, the first post let’s “strangle gov’t as a negotiating tactic on behalf of our snake handling constituents” approach hasn’t gone your way.

    Polishing up your resumes to join a lobbying firm in 2014? You are going to slaughtered in the elections.

    Obama said he wasn’t going to negotiate, he didn’t you didn’t believe him because of your own wacky media nonsense.

    Go to hell Republicans.

    • DebtZero says:

      Does the blue pill still taste like chicken?

      You obviously still BELIEVE that some political party in DC actually cares about you and your family….good luck with that.

      The Joke is on US.

  2. Bob is still unemployed   says:

    Saturn, as you’ve never seen it before (slate)

    … Look. I had to shrink the original 4000 x 3200 pixel behemoth to fit this blog. So please, click that picture to see it in full resolution. It’s staggering.

    OK, you should know by now that words never fail me. Let me take you on a journey, one that’s 1.6 billion kilometers long…

    On Oct. 10, 2013, Cassini took 36 shots of Saturn, a dozen each using red, green, and blue filters which approximate true color. Ugarkovic grabbed the raw files, processed them, and assembled them into this mosaic.

    The detail is incredible. Cassini was high above Saturn to the north, looking “down” on the ringed world when it took these images….

  3. Rather than focusing on ACA or shutting down the government, perhaps Republicans and especially Ted Cruz et al. should focus on real solutions to these types of issues . . . Texas is right in the thick of it in terms of poverty levels and the number of uninsured . . . starting children off this way will mean significant ramifications for their lives and the cost to society in general for years to come.

    Study: Poor children are now the majority in American public schools in South, West (WAPO)

  4. RW says:

    A minor irritation but also a sign of the shutdown times. I went to the BLS site to update some data as is my wont and some data including the scheduled CPI release ( was not there as scheduled.

  5. RW says:

    Putative centrists with pretensions of moral rectitude and judicious even handedness (in addition to a manifest misunderstanding of national accounting and macroeconomics) have become a de facto fifth column for the hostage-takers.

    The fecklessness of Washington’s professional budget alarmists

    Fix the Debt, the organization that took flight last year from the very deep pockets of octagenarian Blackstone co-founder Pete Peterson, held an afternoon event at the National Press Club to remind everyone that, crisis averted, the real problem in this country remained our crushing long-term debt. You might think that the fiasco of the past few weeks would have prompted some soul-searching within the organization – after all, its well-broadcast doomsday warnings of a nation drowning in red ink have only helped to feed conservative Republican fury about out of control spending, even as budget deficits steadily decline and the long-term fiscal picture brightens. It is that fury that, as much as anything, drove the brinksmanship over the government shutdown and debt ceiling, but Fix the Debt officials spoke as if they have had no role in bringing us to this point – as if, to the contrary, we arrived at this point precisely because we were not listening to them. Compared to them, the second-guessing Republicans on the Hill Wednesday were models of candor and self-awareness.

  6. willid3 says:

    quit confusing private spying with government ones?

    hard to really take this serious. they are the same. they act the same.

  7. just-sayin says:

    Comment on the ‘dying’ star.
    Since it is 16,000 lightyears away we are watching its
    death throes from 16,000 years ago.
    So, my question is : What’s happening in the star’s vicinity now?
    Is it still dying or has it finished and become a blackhole , or suffered some
    other fate?