My afternoon train reading:

• Good stock advice doesn’t come from TV (The Guardian)
• Where Sea Monsters Live (TBP)
• Low Fees Help ETFs Attract Affluent Investors (ETF Trends)
• 18 signs you’re reading bad criticism of economics (Chris Auld) see also The Scholars Who Shill for Wall Street (The Nation)
• Why the 1% should pay tax at 80% (The Guardian) see also Recalibrating the poverty line (LA Times)
Oxford University prof asks: What went wrong with the USA? (Mainly Macro)
• The Biggest Economy Killer: Congress  (NYT)
• IT’S OFFICIAL: Keynes Was Right (BI)
• What is the most amazing photograph you have ever taken? (Quora)
• OS X 10.9 Mavericks: The Ars Technica Review (Ars Technica)

What are you reading?


Gains in NonFarm Payrolls Are Sliding
Source: WSJ


Category: Financial Press

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6 Responses to “10 Thursday PM Reads”

  1. WFTA says:

    The poverty line article: great stuff. Why is it not being talked about?

  2. The ACA Web site fiasco may be making headlines in the US, but in Europe:

  3. chartist says:

    For me it’s simple, the top 1% should pay much more in taxes because they have a lower marginal propensity to consume.

  4. Chris Lee says:

    The perfect read while enjoying a cafe cortado at Cafe Reggio.