My afternoon train reading:

• Rocket Fuel (The Reformed Broker)
• How now, Dow Theory? (MarketWatch) see also Looking For Value… In Price Signals? (Capital Spectator)
• The Nobel committee is muddled on the nature of economics (John Kay)
• When the Financial Past Is Not Prologue (NYT) see also Is diversification dead? Not by a long shot (CBS)
• Wall Street Hires Losers Turned Winners After College Athletics (Bloomberg)
• ‘Corrosive’ Political Conflict Is Holding Back U.S. Growth (Real Time Economics) e.g., Home Shoppers Kicking the Tires, But Delaying Deals (Real Time Economics)
The Anti-Sorkin crew grows louder: The “people who matter” support Jamie Dimon at JPMorgan (LA Times)
• Stop Fretting: The Debt-Ceiling Crisis Is Over!  (New York Magazine) see also Is the debt ceiling finally dead as a weapon? (The Economy Hub)
• A City’s Twitter Bet Pays Off as IPO Boosts Millionaires (Businessweek)
• The Truth About Obamacare and the Insured (The Eichen-Blog) see ironically More Republican Districts Have Low Health-Coverage Rates (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?


How the .0001% Made its Money
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5 Responses to “10 Wednesday PM Reads”

  1. VennData says:

    U.S. Chamber of Commerce urges ‘yes’ vote on debt deal–business.html

    We MUST stop the Liberal GOP and Wall Street big business Lobbyists in love with Obama from ruining America.

    Join! With Ted Cruz to split off from the GOP NOW! or burn in Hell.

  2. willid3 says:

    is the debt debacle over? or just on hold? wont it be back? or will any one have learned that this exercise was pointless, and economically dangerous?\
    maybe not

    depends on if the GOP has learned that there was no upside to what they did.
    but it also depends on there really being penalty for them too.

  3. postpartisandepression says:

    So this is the only thing i have seen on any company involved in the roll out of the website and I have to say I am not impressed with the company -especially if it is true that the software is sloppy. That means that “fixes” coudl make it even clunkier.

    More surprising is the fact that CGI has not suffered in its stock price yet because of the bad rollout.

  4. rd says:

    Re: Eichenblog on Obamacare

    I have parents and other elderly relatives that rely on the “socialist” single-payer Canadian healthcare system.

    The single-payer system knows where the costs are. They are focused like a laser beam on how to keep the elderly from needing to go the hospita unless there is a real acute probleml. The health care system is working with the primary care providers, day nurses etc. to make sure that chronic conditions are being managed properly, the patients are comfortable and are hopefully improving where possible. Additional or longer primary care physician visits, weekly or daily home visits from day-care nurses or aides, and other such measures are done to make sure that these people don’t need to go the hospital unless there is a real acute problem that requires expensive hospitalization.

    The patients like it because, amazingly enough, they would prefer to be in their own home than in a hospital ward. The families like it because the sick elderly are not just dumped back on them by the healthcare system or to visit themrequire long journeys to the hospital. Instead, everybody has a role in having the elderly and chronically ill live as comfortable a life as reasonably can be expected. It isn’t perfect, but every year you can see improvements in little things as a the continuous improvement process continues as they mine more of the big data on the most effective approaches.

    • S Brennan says:

      I think the Canadians have a very good system, a friend that I do business with has a wife who has a debilitating disease, his business would have been wiped out had he lived in the USA.

      That said, Obamacare/RomneyCare/GingrichCare/HeritageplanCare have no relation…whatsoever with sanity, much less, the Canadian System.