Blowback to Economically Weak GOP Districts?
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At the source of the shutdown, the economy falters — and anger at Barack Obama runs high
Jim Tankersley
Washington Post, October 28 2013–and-anger-at-obama-runs-high/2013/10/28/67d51c90-3fe2-11e3-a751-f032898f2dbc_story.html

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10 Responses to “Source of Government Shutdown Has Faltering Economy”

  1. rd says:

    Mr. Hacket and his friends simply don’t understand that the economy is actually doing just fine:

    The people funding the Tea Party so that people like him will vote for it think the economy is doing quite well. It is certainly delivering good profits for them to invest back into candidates and SuperPACs.

    Mr. Hacket just needs to understand that he is doing his part to ensure that the top 10% do well.

  2. BennyProfane says:

    Here’s something that just raised it’s ugly head with this morbid one year after Sandy media blitz. I heard and read this first:

    “Storm victims argue that the governor, who pushed fellow Republicans in Congress to pass a federal aid package, should be exerting similar pressure on insurers and banks to settle claims and prevent harm to the credit ratings of victims. And they accuse him of using the storm for his own aggrandizement, particularly after he spent $4.7 million in federal money to hire a politically connected firm to produce the television ads, choosing it over an agency that bid less but did not plan to show the governor in its commercials.”

    Well, there’s two things there. The whining and moaning from Jersey residents who bought and built in harm’s way, and are now incredulous that FEMA hasn’t fulfilled all their temporary needs, and regulations and the free market insurance rates will make it very difficult to go back to their previous dangerous lives of living right next to the violent ocean. Where is my government help? I have nowhere else to go but a sandy barrier island! But, but, my views! My, my, boardwalk!

    Now, that may sound harsh, but, just a few weeks before, a special election was held for Senator in that state, filling a dead man’s seat. As you probably know, it was a race between a Democratic black mayor of a proverbial down and out large city, and an avowed Tea Party Republican candidate from……Bogota. Now, here’s the election results: Note how the Jersey shore voted, except for Atlantic City. Yup, for the small government and reduce out horrible deficit Tea Party dude. And, here they are, just a few steps out of the voting booth, crying, where is my government money? For, MY BEACH HOUSE!

    And, if you think that’s bad, here’s the second thing. Read this:

    Sometimes you just want to move to a small island with no reception.

  3. GeorgeBurnsWasRight says:

    I expect that if unemployment worsens in those districts they’ll become even more conservative. The majority of people who live there believe that tax cuts for “job creators” are one of the most important ways to solve their economic problems. Many of them are dependent upon government programs yet believe they’re “makers” and not “takers”.

    Of course it’s easy to see how another person’s ideology shapes their world view. It’s harder to see the same tendencies in ourselves.

    • ilsm says:

      It is “welfare” when HHS takes care of those people, the “takers” and “moochers”.

      The pentagon trough keeps “sheltered workshops” delivering new weapons that are junk needed to fight the Red Army which does not exist.

      People feeding at the pentagon (NASA, DoE, etc) trough think they are patriots, and are “earning” their good life!

    • rd says:

      They also have the option of moving to a Blue state with expanded Medicaid and better safety net payments.

      But they will probably elect to just hang on for a while longer until they can collect Social Security and get health coverage under Medicare so that they won’t have to be dependent on socialist Federal programs like Obamacare.

  4. Big Dutch says:

    The graphics and charts Barry posts are great and one of the reasons I read TBP. This chart caught my eye today, and my chart lie detector went off. The unemployment data for the districts singled out by the person who created this chart are wrong. Naturaly, it is biased in favor of the author’s persective. “Graphical excellence begins with telling the truth about the data.” Tufte -”The Visual Display of Quantitative Data”

  5. Anon Nymous says:

    I have a theory on the correlation between the Republican Party and poor/low population states. These are markets where influence can be purchased much cheaper than in the larger population/richer states. These are the states where special interest can get the most bang for the buck. Influencing a political race is relatively cheap there. The population will not provide much in the way of political donations so to get the funds they need politicians will be more reliant on special interest money from lobbyists. It is also where influencing the media is inexpensive. Relatively few advertising dollars can gain a reticence to present stories that look bad for the media patrons and stories that favor those who provide advertising dollars can help boost their bottom line. Because the large money special interests favor the republicans who have a long track record of pandering to interest of corporations and the very wealthy, this is where they can promote those who will give them what they want for the least expense.

  6. victor says:

    Our inner cities and barrios have been controlled by the Dem party for at least a couple of generations and counting. Does ANYONE like what’s going on there?

    • You are way behind the curve — that is the old model of welfare, government aid, food stamps. The paradigm has shifted:

      The modern version is this is no longer an urban, minority consumer, but the shift over the past 20 years is to a mostly rural, mostly white, mostly conservative consumers of government.