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4 Responses to “US Employees Furloughed During Shutdown (Interactive)”

  1. MikeDonnelly says:

    Nice tool & chart. It does not include any information on the military. (DOD total is 718,000) I don’t know how contractors shake out. Booze Allen for example gets $6 Billion per year, are they furloughed? No idea. And doesn’t the Army alone have more than 318,000 ? (318k are exempt) I assume Army soldiers still being paid?

    Also I wonder about the Army Core of Engineers. “The Rock Island District currently employs nearly 815 employees. If a shutdown occurs, approximately 340 employees of the 815 District employees will continue mission essential District work” The MS docks and locks will remain open !

    Army core is supposed to be civilian, is it part of DOD ?

    Anyway, great starting point.

    • ilsm says:

      Army has converted a lot [maybe more than other departments] of contractors who often are retired soldier to civil servants.

      DoD Contracting [with all volunteer force pay scales contractors are supposedly cheaper than soldiers, the cost benefit analysis does not hold up since the contractors are permanent employees with a revolving door set up] is one reason the war on terror is costing more than the total of the cold war and Vietnam. The draw down will leave 25% more than the average even with sequestration which protects the war economy.

      DoD contracted for $200B in “services” in 2010, some of it was “maintaining” things, a lot of it was personal services in DoD [and department] offices. “Services” are a recurring item for DoD spending.

      In a program office buying for example star wars stuff there may be as many services contractors as both military and federal civilians.

      The contract employees in DoD offices were not furloughed, their contracts’ funds were obligated in prior fiscal years. The military guys had to stay on the job to babysit them.

      Now most DoD civil servants are back to keep the contractors company, and sign off on vouchers for stuff being delivered so they can pay the bills with funds obligated in prior years but racking up the deficit in FY 2014.

  2. adaplant says:

    I lost my ss card during Katrina. My new Employer requires ss card before first day of work on Oct 16th. I went to SSA website, paid $49 for expedited delivery of replacement ss card, filed out form, and was then informed that because SS office, currently shut down, could not process application for replacement during shutdown, i should not submit application for replacement card until the shutdown is over.

    The graphic above is in error, at least partially, that SSA is not shutdown.

  3. MikeDonnelly says:

    Answering my own question. yes the Army core ~35,000 members are part of DOD. To some degree (parks, etc..) are on furlough.

    No, the military is not part of the 718,000 DOD civilian force. In addition to the above graphic would be:
    1.4 million active duty
    1.0 Reserves (of which 50% are US Federal reserves and 50% is 50 individual state funded National Guards)